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14.Ink 37 |part2|

December 8th, 2010

LA INK episode 37 part2 ————————- It’s All About the Family ————————- Kat tattoos rock legend Lemmy from Motorhead. Hannah spends some quality time with her daughter and tries to sort out the past. When Kat’s little brother joins the crew, she plans a killer party to welcome him back to LA. ———–Disclaimer:———– I DO NOT OWN. No copyright infringement intended. NO profit gained from this! It’s a FAN-VIDEO !!!!!

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15 Responses to “14.Ink 37 |part2|”

  1. comment number 1 by: legalsecretary

    @pinoypower247 he’s not doing LA Ink anymore. His name hasnt been on HVT’s website in a few months…. Next season starts august 5 🙂

  2. comment number 2 by: HikkiRokks

    that pilot is HOTT!!

  3. comment number 3 by: jeffluanda

    Kim is so HOT =D

  4. comment number 4 by: pinoypower247

    i can’t wait for the next season of LA ink. i hope corey doesn’t get fired.

  5. comment number 5 by: PedrooAlvess17

    Kim is so HOT =D

  6. comment number 6 by: atfatw

    Grow up LIZ!!!!!

  7. comment number 7 by: atfatw


    holland really sucks tatoo parlors are illegal over here but not absinthe 459 proof hallucinogenic beer

  8. comment number 8 by: burnthebridges666


  9. comment number 9 by: craziepopz

    god! i’d love corey to tattoo me 🙂


  10. comment number 10 by: kevkevinkev

    Her ex was a total bitch!

  11. comment number 11 by: destinymonyaeflowers

    i got my first tattoo wen i was 12

  12. comment number 12 by: moestvanersilia

    Actually, in Holland we say ”kolibrie”, which means hummingbird and it is pronounced the same way. And yeah, Liz is hot!

  13. comment number 13 by: 6xtbirk

    dude i so want to have a tatto here oh my god they wpuld totaly understand what i would want especaly kat i bet she would do just what i would like but cant explaine xD she rulz

  14. comment number 14 by: tiuric77

    colibre hehehe nice, I don’t think a lot of people know that means Humming bird. I know it because my parents live on Des Colibris street. Also Liz is a really sexy lesbian.

  15. comment number 15 by: ten8d

    colibre tattoo is real man damn nice

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