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Celtic Knot Tattoos – Why Does it Symbolize Eternity?

August 11th, 2010

Celtic knot tattoos often typify some hidden meanings of life. The tattoo lovers, who want to represent themselves in an attractive way, select Celtic knot tattoos. Celtic descendants also choose these knot tattoos to show their heritage. Suppose if you want to express your love for God, then the knot tattoo depicting Cross is a perfect option.

There are various designs in celtic knot tattoos and you can select them according to your taste. There are some simple knot designs that you can choose to wear as armbands. Complicated designs look best when tattooed in the upper or lower back. Celtic knot tattoos are flexible and it is possible to reduce or increase the size of the tattoo according to your requirement.

Many people like the Duleek knot design, since it is a way to express strength. This beautiful celtic knot tattoo depicts the power of Sun and the completeness of the Universe. The knot design has four triquetras to symbolize four seasons that influence the life of mankind. The four triquetras also imply four important elements- Earth, air, water and wind.

The wedding knot design is yet another popular design in Celtic knot tattoos. They are simple yet graceful. It offers you a great way of expressing your romance. It has splendid heart knot patterns to symbolize love. If you wish, you can color the inner heart with any shade of color which will enhance the appearance of the tattoo. You can even select an infinite knot, which is an excellent design in celtic knot tattoos to convey your infinite love for somebody.

Celtic knot tattoo designs in the leg area look great from knee to ankle. This design offers an impressive look if designed well by a talented tattoo artist. It is of significant importance to ensure that the artist has enough experience in making complicated knot tattoos.

Celtic knot tattoos let you understand some myths of life. The complex shapes and intertwined loops that have no beginning and end provide you the finest way to express your passion for nature. You can convey some powerful meaning to the world through Celtic knot tattoos.

The distinctiveness of Celtic knot tattoos brings them universal reputation. They are the most famous type of body art. They can be designed on lower back, upper back, shoulders, arms and legs. They always include some hidden thoughts. You can use the Celtic knot tattoo to express your individuality and faiths.

Celtic knot tattoos are well liked by some people for the extra-ordinary beauty. Some others want to ink them for their cultural value. Celtic descendants like to wear them to show their pride in ancient culture and heritage. Many other tattoo lovers love to design them to represent some spiritual meaning.

Though beautiful, Celtic knot tattoos are more complicated to design. Only if the tattoo artist has sufficient experience and skill, can they design them well. If possible, get familiar with the artist and can make them understand what you really want in the designs. It is sensible to select the Celtic knot tattoo design after viewing online tattoo galleries.

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