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Michael Jackson Signs A Fans Back for Autograph Tattoo: EXCLUSIVE PICS

August 9th, 2010

In April 2009 I met Michael Jackson. He signed my back and I got it tattooed on that night on Hollywood Blvd. Shot By- Emery Childress IV Edited By- Pete Carter Photos By- Ahmad Elatab

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25 Responses to “Michael Jackson Signs A Fans Back for Autograph Tattoo: EXCLUSIVE PICS”

  1. comment number 1 by: CutieLilIndianPrnzez

    @aqueencee1 m not hating i liked michael jackson too. and i still stick to wat i said.

  2. comment number 2 by: aqueencee1

    @CutieLilIndianPrnzez I hate when people say that, yes he is an ordinary man and people don’t think of him as a God, he knew he wasn’t God and never tried to be but I will tell you this Michael Jackson was a very special person and it might explain why people love him so much! We don’t need you to tell us something that we already know! Maybe one day you might be that special to people, so don’t hate!

  3. comment number 3 by: aqueencee1

    @KYoung2 wow must you be so mean spirited? everybody can see he’s wearing eyeliner so what.

  4. comment number 4 by: RhondaRavin

    @Oal3noodO it’s called morphine

  5. comment number 5 by: SuperPrincess209

    Does it hurt alot because
    i wanna get a tattoo of him
    to.? Please answer: /

  6. comment number 6 by: winter9693

    Interesting with the shot of Marilyn Monroe in the backround at the end.

  7. comment number 7 by: Oal3noodO

    what is the song in 1:00 ?

  8. comment number 8 by: KYoung2

    lol ur wearing eye liner….. ………faggot

  9. comment number 9 by: MJJMatrix

    woah thats awesome

  10. comment number 10 by: peculiarjazzj

    That’s awesome! Your so lucky!!! I would have loved Michael to autograph me, because I would have done the same thing! But I would have totally made him autograph his name in an area The sun most likely don’t shine in. LMAO. 2 months before he died…you were really blessed. April 15, is a day you won’t forget.

  11. comment number 11 by: AHHMEHOT

    your so lucky:)

  12. comment number 12 by: CutieLilIndianPrnzez

    thts nice ..but michael jackson is an ordinary man..nt some GOD…so dn forget that

  13. comment number 13 by: Porcelain97

    your so lucky man !!

  14. comment number 14 by: SambamMJFan

    OH. MY. JACKSON. that is totally awesome! I’m only 15, so i’m not allowed to get a tattoo, but i would love something like that on my lower back or on my inner arm or something…. or the MJ logo on my wrist. Does it like really hurt? ouch! xxxxxxxx

  15. comment number 15 by: MultiLola14

    The First beginning is like a HORROR movie But Luv ur Tattoo

  16. comment number 16 by: humannature50

    but lucky,i would give that back i would have signed

  17. comment number 17 by: AbabyThatWasntAbortd

    thats fawkin awesome man,

  18. comment number 18 by: ANDYMJ1958

    beatufil…i love you michael..

  19. comment number 19 by: FAITHANN97

    WOHWOH..! i can beileve u meet, MJ.. but GOT it tattoo.. damm what a freakin great idea… u r brave 2 get a tattoo and damm it looks freakin great thanKsXX 4 possing this great video 🙂

  20. comment number 20 by: MissA1485

    This is so wicked!
    Did you tell him you were getting it tattooed permanently afterwards?
    Looks painful though…either way lucky you! :o)

  21. comment number 21 by: mjluver14

    @NeverlandMJ you should have anyways! its worth it!

  22. comment number 22 by: mjluver14

    ouch! looks painful but awesome!

  23. comment number 23 by: BylliCrayone

    I met MJ on May 20th of 2009. He was the most sweet and caring person ever. You now have a piece of him with you aways. Congrats.

  24. comment number 24 by: mrsmjforlife

    i got my michael tattoo today 🙂

  25. comment number 25 by: 21LASCIVIOUS1986

    @nothinglasts007 Sooooooo true! lol Billions of Dollars!

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