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Angel Wing Tattoos Reveal Relationship Of Human Beings With Gods

August 7th, 2010

Angel tattoos are one of the most requested tattoo designs today. Angel wing tattoos and angel tattoo are very much in demand. They can be used by both men and women. Angel tattoos are believed to be very protective. Angels are said to be the messenger of God. They occupy a tremendous place in Holy Scripture. They symbolize protection, guardianship, beauty, spirituality, moral-value, peace and keepers of dreams.

Most of the people go for these tattoos due to their deep and spiritual meaning. They see angel wing tattoos as a connection between life and death and the struggle between good and evil. Angel tattoos is made by embedding the ink into the skin to create a permanent design. These tattoos are not colorful and often done in black and white

Angel come is all shapes, sizes and forms. Some have tattoo with the size covering their entire back, while others have small angel wings that fit in the upper part of the back. Angel tattoos are typically very large size designs. It is rectangular in shape and often made with their wings outstretched. People prefer drawing angel tattoo on the upper and lower back area. They engrave angels on the chest and occasionally a forearm or calf area. Small angel tattoo designs are done around a wrist or ankle and sometimes on the shoulder area.

It can be done from a simple design to complex wings and hands. There are different types of angels like sweet cherub angels, fallen angels, guardian angels, arch angels or more menacing designs of guardian angel tattoo.
There are various types of Angel Tattoos:

Guardian Angels: The guardian angels are the protectors of humanity, at the times of crisis. The guardian angels tattoos depicted as human forms holding or keeping a watch over children.

Archangels: The Archangel tattoos represent the seven angels that stood before God, in the Revelation. These tattoos are made as a human form holding a large sword with wings spread out in readiness.

Cherubs: Cherubs are the messengers of love. It s depicted as an arrow piercing the heart. Cherubs are known as cupids are in high demand on the Valentine’s Day. People usually sport these tattoos with the names of their loved one.

Fallen Angels: The fallen angel tattoos depict a beautiful angel with a bloody sword in her hand. It has torn or injured wings. These tattoos are depicted using a darker and heavier ink.

Wing angel: People are getting winged tattoos on their back. It looks like a person with wings growing out of their back. Wings come in different sizes, depending on the person.

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