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Learn How To Tattoo DVDs – Taking the easy way

August 3rd, 2010

So you think you can tattoo;) If you are reading this, then you are probably one of the many that are mesmerized by the whole tattoo phenomenon. Yes, I said it, phenomenon. Did you take a look at the level that tattoos are at right now? You can basically get the face of your kid tattooed on your arm or chest with a level of detail that is just mind boggling. Shades, colors, it’s crazy!

Tattooing is not the easiest thing to do. And although it may not be as hard as painting a quality painting, it still takes a little talent. That is, if you don’t want to only do designs from magazines. I guess that is okay too, but a lot of people nowadays, come into tattoo shops asking for designs more and more complicated. They probably saw it on the internet, or on some new tattoo dvd.

The only thing you have to look out for, is to stay away from any advanced tattoo dvd when you are still in the learning stage. You would only throw away your money. Yes they are cool, and they show some things that were considered impossible just a few years ago, but you are still a long way away from doing those designs and learning those techniques.

If you do want to learn by using a how to tattoo dvd, then you need to make sure that you choose a tattoo dvd that will teach you the basics. You won’t completely escape the need of taking up an apprenticeship, but you will get a lot of information, that you would normally get in months, between sweeping and moping;)

A good tattoo dvd will teach you the basics of tattooing. You will learn all there is to know about how to keep your utensils clean, how to transfer designs onto the skin. A truly important aspect of tattooing, that you will need to learn is needles. All the different types of needles and most importantly, you will learn, which needles you should use for specific tattoos.
Next you will learn about the actual tattoo machines. A tattoo dvd will teach which machines is suitable for a specific designs, as there are different machines used for different tattoos. As an example, a how to tattoo dvd will teach you that there is a specific tattoo machine used for shading, and another used for lining. If you are thinking of someday opening your tattoo shop, you need to consider that it takes quite some time to become a professional tattoo artist, so you need to take it easy.

So, one last piece of advice would be that if you are thinking of becoming someday a tattoo artist, buying a how to tattoo dvd, is quite a good idea, because all the information that you learn from a how to tattoo dvd, would normally take months in the traditional way.

Get your tattoo dvd, and then find a shop that will take you as an apprentice, because as I said, there is no escaping this. After at least two years, you can consider opening your own shop, as long as you make sure you employ at least one highly experienced tattoo artist. Once again, when you purchase your first how to tattoo dvd, make sure that it matches your level of expertise. If you have none, then get a tattoo dvd that teaches the absolute basics.

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