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Getting Tattoo? – 10 Tips For Getting Tattoos – Part 1

July 30th, 2010

If you’re considering a tattoo, here are some helpful hints and important considerations before you head to the parlor.

1. Understand that it’s permanent. Take your time in choosing a design and an artist. If it’s simply an impulse that is causing you to be interested in getting a tattoo, resist the urge and slow down your decision.

2. If you are a first-timer, don’t go with an extravagant and large design. Your artist should be able to do a small design that could be expanded. Tattooing is not a necessarily pleasant sensation and it may be a bit overwhelming if you are starting with a huge tattoo. Also, once you actually see it on your skin you may have a change of heart as to how extensively you want to do this.

3. Should you be too young for a permanent tattoo, or not convinced that you want it to be permanent, try a temporary tattoo. Henna and some tea extracts may be used to give you something that could last for a month or two while you ‘try it on.’ There are many websites with info and designs for the temporary tattoos. Simply search on temporary tattoos for information, and if you want actual designs, add ‘free’ and ‘designs’ to your search.

4. Talk to someone you know that has tattoos and ask them all your questions. Did it hurt? Have you had any reactions? Are you still glad you did it? What would you do differently? Do you recommend the artist that you used? As with anything in which you don’t have a background, better to trust the people your friends trust.

5. Consider other effects of tattooing. In most states, you cannot donate blood for at least a year after any tattooing procedure, due to the fear of hepatitis. The exception to this is a state that regulates tattooing establishments for their hygiene practices. Do some homework, especially if you plan on donating blood within the next year.

6. There may be some slight bleeding, so if you are weak at heart, this could be stressful. Also, if you are on significant blood thinners for any other problem, you may want to consult your physician before getting the tattoo.

7. Is the tattoo going to become an obstacle of your faith? For Jewish individuals, having a tattoo is taboo. In fact, should someone with a tattoo convert to Judaism, they could not be buried in a Jewish cemetery unless the tattoo was removed. Christians, for the most part, believe that God calls us to honor our bodies and that tattooing would not be in permanent, think about ALL considerations before diving in keeping with that admonition. Again, since tattoos are permanent, think about ALL considerations before diving in.

8. Be cautious about putting someone’s name in a tattoo. Human relationships are very fragile, and putting a girlfriend or boyfriend’s name on a tattoo may be another source of heartache later if the relationship doesn’t work out.

9. Hand, foot, and/or face tattoos may be taboo with the artist him or herself. The artist realizes the possible negative reaction people may have to you with a tattoo and placing them in a highly visible spot only exacerbates the possibility. It may affect job opportunities and other places where you are trying to make a great first impression. The other concern with the hand and foot areas is the physical wear and tear that these locations endure. If you are a person that works with your hands heavily, don’t choose that area. The tattoo will get distorted and be highly visible, as well. For your feet, make sure you are ready to do what it takes to heal them properly, a 3 month process of being barefoot as much as possible and truly pampering your skin.

10. Know how to take care of your skin after the tattoo. Leave the bandage on the wound overnight. Wash it gently the next day. Do not scratch or rub it. Once healed, keep it out of the sun as much as possible to keep the colors from fading. This is another important consideration when determining the location of your tattoo

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