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Tattoo Designs: Rites of Past Has Become the Fashion Statement of Present

July 27th, 2010

Tattoos have served as customs in the past in some indigenous people around the world, symbols of religious and spiritual devotion, decorations for bravery, marks of status and rank, pledges of love, punishment, protection, and as the marks of outcasts, slaves and convicts. The symbolism and impact of tattoos varies from place to place and also varies in cultures. But presently there has been a twist in the concept of being tattooed. Maximum people choose to be tattooed for cosmetic, sentimental/memorial, religious, and magical reasons, and to symbolize their belonging to or identification with particular groups, including criminal gangs or law-abiding subculture. Yantra Tattoo in Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand, is common and popular and is used for protection against evil.

Tattooing has become popular these days thus adding extra bonus to your fashion statement. It is really difficult to assort the tattoo design that appeals your senses from the different types tattoos available. You can even create your own to stand out from the crowd. There are some very brilliant styles and designs assorted according to their popularity, usage and designs for your convenience that you can go for and they are Rose Tattoos, Dragon Tattoos, Tribal Tattoos, Celtic Tattoos and Lower Back Tattoos are to be the few to be mention.

Let us find out what is the reason behind the popularity behind these tattoos. Beginning with:

1. Rose Tattoos: It comes in various colors that depict different emotions. For instance white rose represents purity of soul and innocence, where a red rose symbolizes passion and blooming love and a pink rose portrays profound love. Therefore these tattoos will go well with romantic people portraying their emotions in the form of tattoo.

2. Dragon Tattoos: These tattoos designs are generally used on the arms and whole of the back area symbolizing the strength of the wearer.

3. Tribal Tattoos: Tribal tattoo designs are one of the most famous since hundreds of years undergoing several changes meet the expectations and requirements of the people. The changes could be seen in the colors and equipments used. Modern tattooing machines and guns have replaced the bone needles, styluses and sticks and the black work designs on arms and legs have been replaced by colorful designs on the entire body.

4. Celtic Tattoos: the craze for this type of tattoos has broke the boundaries Celtic Heritage creating more interesting tattoo design by mixing it with other the famous tribal tattoos.

5. Lower Back Tattoos: Lower back tattoo designs dragon, lotus, winged hearts, tribal symbols and butterfly in the waist region of the females tattoos are powerful enough to incite sensuality and interest in the minds of the onlookers.

Selection of tattoo design depends on how portray your emotions and style.

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