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Don’t Get Tattoo Designs – Until you Have Read My 7 Tips on Tattoo Design!

July 26th, 2010

People usually jump right in with no thought at all when they get their first tattoo, which they then regret and decide to have it removed! Which i can tell you is not a great experience. To get a tattoo removed you have to keep going back for multiple painful appointments until the tattoo is completely removed, talk about costly!

Read the seven tips on choosing your first tattoo design before jumping in at the deep end and then you can rest assured that you have chosen a tattoo design that is right for you and one that you can live with for the rest of your life.

1) Choosing a Meaning

Most tattoo designs will have a meaning behind them, what you need to do is search the internet to find out it’s meaning and if it pertains to you, it is much better to have a tattoo that means something to you personally then just to have one with no meaning at all!

2) Look Around You!

Although you do not want to copy someone else’s tattoo, you can get some really good ideas by looking at other peoples tattoos and what they look like on them and what they mean, that way you will have more of an idea of what you want your tattoo design to look like.

3) Get a small tattoo to start with.

For your first tattoo i would recommend you start of with a small tattoo, not only because a large one will take longer and if it’s your first time you will not be accustomed to the slight pain you experience, but also if you really had to have it removed it will be quicker and less painful if it was just a small one rather than a large one.

4) Price of tattoos

Obviously the larger the tattoo the more it will cost you, that also applies to how much detail is in the tattoo as well, something that requires intricate detail will cost a lot more than just a simple shape or pattern, something to keep in mind for your first tattoo, especially if you are on a budget!

5) Where to have your tattoo

Choosing where on your body to have your tattoo is an important decision!

If you have a job that deals with people it might not be a great idea to have a tattoo anywhere on your neck,hands,forarms or even your face! Best places to have a tattoo is somewhere you can either cover it up when needed.

6) Painful areas

If this is your first tattoo it might be a good idea to have your tattoo on the least painful places on your body like your shoulder for example or your upper arm, probably not best to have one on your neck or something for your first time!

7) Choose a unique tattoo design.

Choosing your tattoo design is a personal thing and you want to make sure to choose one that not many other people have so that your is very unique and personal to you.

Choosing a tattoo design is not just a case of going on the internet and choosing the first thing you see and like, you have to ask yourself is that design unique, does it say something about me? Is it personal to me?

If you take your time and choose the right tattoo design that’s is right for you then you will be happy with your tattoo for the rest of your life.

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