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Armband Tattoo Designs: the Designs to Match Your Personality

July 25th, 2010


The concept of tattoo designs varies from people to people. Most people go for tattoo designs to remain updated with the modern trend while others have some reasons behind their tattoo culture. Whatever may be the reasons for wearing a tattoo it must be accepted that today it is a very popular form of art which finds its presence among people of all ages. Artificial or temporary tattoos too are popular with children. They wear them and love the trend which brings some kind of change to their bodies. If you seek which is the most popular design of tattoo, you would find armband tattoo designs the most popular among all tattoos.

Armband tattoo designs have some freshness and they are unique. A lot of experiment can be done with them and they have indeed the largest number of designs than any other tattoo art. The armband tattoo is easy to wear and flaunt them even. While you choose armband tattoo designs take care they match your personality, arm size and skin color. You cannot make a roadie tattoo on your arm if your arm is thin and lean. Though people make it doesn’t go well with their personality. Instead you can try a dragon or a serpent or an eagle tattoo which would match your arm size. But there are some popular designs which are universal in appeal and can match almost all arms.

The Skull and Crossed Bones: This armband tattoo design is also called the Jolly Roger or Pirate’s Flag. You have the symbol of a skull over crossed bones or Cutlasses. This has its roots to nautical tattooing and life at sea. This tattoo is symbolic for high time adventure, courage and bravery. The tattoo fits well all arm shapes and it has very less to do with your physical because courage is always down under the heart not shape of your body.

Kanji Tattoos: These tattoos of armband cover an entire genre of tattoo design. The famous Japanese kanji design is of the three alphabets of which one is a common Japanese alphabet and the other two are Hiragana and Katakana. This ideographic symbol was developed in China and today they are very popular in making armband tattoo designs.

Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs: This is a symbol of ethnic heritage. If you are a Welsh or an Irish or a Scottish you can flaunt this cross tattoo design around your arms as a symbol of your ethnicity. Leaving beside the religious and ethnic issues this armband design has been very popular because of its lucid style to match any arm on which it is inscribed well. It depends on you whether you like to keep it colorless or you can fill it with multicolor to suit your spirit.

Ouroboros tattoo design: This armband tattoo design is a very simple tattoo where a serpent is biting its own tail. This type of tattoo was very popular among Egyptians and then it moved to the Phoenicians and then to the Greeks. This tattoo is popular among people who love thin and sleek tattoos around their arm. The artist can add extra and necessary lines to make the tattoo more unique.

There is no end to armband tattoo designs that you will find. The Internet can be a great help to find various new armband designs which are presently popular among tattoo lovers. Choose one take a printout and go to your artist to wear it.

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