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July 10th, 2010

3D Tattoos Tattoo Pictures Tattoo Gallery Tattoo Designs Flash Body Piercing

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25 Responses to “3D Tattoos Tattoo Pictures Tattoo Gallery Tattoo Designs Flash Body Piercing”

  1. comment number 1 by: Shadowkirby14

    @friedsushiroll13 That doll is the main reason why I’m pediophobic(If you don’t know what’s that, google it up).

  2. comment number 2 by: Illshadow666

    @soraos21 i think its the theme song from resident evil but i’m not 100% sure

  3. comment number 3 by: soraos21

    What’s the music? Argh, I KNOW I’ve heard this song before, I just can’t remember where… ARGH!!! *hideous monster rips open and crawls out of chest*

  4. comment number 4 by: Rae015473

    @KayConn93 Actually, I thought it was the worst artistry on here. I like the idea, but it just could have been drawn better, more realistic. Just my opinion.

  5. comment number 5 by: EveryNameIsUsedDamnF

    you must be really fucked up to get a chucky tattoo. I mean is pointless, weird, uncool, and it stays with you when you are fucking.

  6. comment number 6 by: ghosthunter123ful


  7. comment number 7 by: phil72566

    nice music

  8. comment number 8 by: MaliaMonroe

    all those are cool

  9. comment number 9 by: stavrosAEL3

    0:11-0:15 AELi0n fantastic =D

  10. comment number 10 by: leninz33

    chucky the best!!!! de todos los tiempos ,,,,salvaje,

  11. comment number 11 by: kleenex1982


  12. comment number 12 by: gadeenman365

    just dont ever stop doin what your doin cuz! i fucks wit dat beat to man ha im about to sub. inspireing

  13. comment number 13 by: Sasule21

    1:04 Awesome

  14. comment number 14 by: friedsushiroll13

    @SuperFATES1 It is the resident evil theme song but Marilyn Manson’s version. I have it on my videos.

  15. comment number 15 by: friedsushiroll13

    I love the chucky one. Also everyone this is Marilyn Mansons remake of the resident evil theme song.

  16. comment number 16 by: casanoval33t

    lol at 0:23 when you are doggystyling your wife you can see your kids faces!

  17. comment number 17 by: DoNwOn4CroN

    I feel like these are the best (And resident evil song!! Thumbs up just for that :P)
    0:43 – chucky 🙂

  18. comment number 18 by: andyarcadipane


  19. comment number 19 by: CRADLEofFITH666

    @00Cullen why not get a lyger lol

  20. comment number 20 by: TTheJokeRR

    i dont see 3d at all

  21. comment number 21 by: SpencerThe2nd

    @SuperFATES1 i don’t know the name but it’s off of resident evil #1 the movie

  22. comment number 22 by: 00Cullen

    OMG I AM DEFINITALLY GETTING THE LION!!!!!!!! <3 OMG Lions and Tigers r my FAVORITE ANIMAL!!!!!!!!! <3

  23. comment number 23 by: Dr8co1

    Resident Evil! FTW! 😀

  24. comment number 24 by: AsianVenomxxx

    sounds like the theme song of resident evil

  25. comment number 25 by: SuperFATES1

    please give me name of song this song and viDEO
    llllllllllllllll lllllllllllll llllllllllll llll
    llll lll lll lll lll llll
    llll lll lll lll lll llll
    llllllllllllllll lllllllllllll llllllllllll llllllllllllll

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