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How To Select A Tattoo Artist

July 4th, 2010

How To Select A Tattoo Artist

The only question as important, or more important than choosing the perfect Tattoo , is How To Select A Tattoo Artist. It doesnt matter if you find the perfect Tattoo , the one that will alway’s be the best representation of you and the story of your life, if the Tattoo artist is less than sufficient to create the Tat itself. Artist selection is definitely just as important as choosing the Tattoo itself, but how can we know which one to trust?

Well, unfortunately , tattoo’s arent like paintings or other artwork done on a physical canvas. Even though skin is definitely a physical canvas of sort’s, it cant be hung on a wall somewhere, whether it be the Tattoo artist’s office or a gallery somewhere. It if was, we could simply browse through past work and get a real idea of the Tattoo Artists ability.

What about picture’s of past work?

That is the number 1 question I am asked when discussing how to select a tattoo artist. And yes, pictures do help. They will let you know the drawing skills of the that artist. But pictures are usually taken immediatley after the Tattoo is finished, or soon there-after. But that isnt always a true measure of the Artist’s talent. There is a reason for this…

Tattoo’s and skin change.

How many time’s have we seen a great looking tattoo on one of our friends or acquaintance’s, and later on down the road, not too far down the road, they are back at the Tattoo Studio getting the Tattoo reworked. We all know that Tattoo reworks over time arent neccessarily a sign of an inept Tattoo artist, but sometimes the reason’s for the rework are definitely a sign, a bad sign.

When asked “How to select a Tattoo Artist”, the number 1 answer is a common answer to many of the talent inqueries we face. And the answer it’s pretty simple. 

Ask past customers.

Asking someone about the Artist a few years down the road could be the very best way to find out an artist’s ability. You can ask the important questions like, 


Is the shop clean and sterile? – (Its just a good sign of a professional) Did you feel comfortable? How long did the Tattoo Take to finish? Were there any problems during the Tattoo work? Was the Tattoo Artist limited in the style of work he/she could perform? Did the color of the Tat stay? Did it keep its original look? Have you had reworks done out of necessity? Biggest Question – Are you satisfied with the overall look of the Tattoo and its appearance?

Get Real Customers Reviews On Tattoo Artist from Around The World!


Now there are obviously many more question’s you will want to ask once you are narrowing your search. But being able to get answer’s like these to the “How to select a tattoo artist?” question will be a huge help. Finding out what previous customer’s think about the work done can be critical.

But what if you cant find any customers? What if you just dont know who to ask?

Thats O.K. there are cool tattoo community’s online that can answer questions about Tattoo studios and Tattoo Artist’s from coast to coast, or even from other countries.(Not just Canada and Mexico either)

But you gotta know where to look. Finding that kind of information isnt always easy. I mean, not everyine has the ability to gather that type of information on 1 site. But I know of 1 Tattoo Site that can provide information on all the major Tattoo Studio’s and Tattoo Artist’s from all over the globe. Dont worry, its not gonna cost you all kind’s of money.

And better yet, it also comes with plenty of the best artwork from real customers and Tatoo Artist’s. Yep, thats right, some of the best Tattoo artist from all over post there Art so others can see what they can do. It just might be the most valued asset on the internet.

Think about it, The Top Tattoo Artists posting FREE Tattoo Art for you to see and use as well. When you sign up for this site you will have instant access to other customers from the state of your choice. Telling you all the answers to those important questions that will decide whether or not you end up with a premium tattoo , or an embarrasing ink spot on your precious skin.

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