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Submit Your Tattoo Artwork

July 3rd, 2010

Want to submit your tattoo artwork, but arent sure where to go? Are you looking for a site with the most exposure or a site with some really experienced tattoo artists? Well if you are serious about your tattoo art work and tattoo designs, here is a site you will love.

Submit Your Tattoo Artwork And Get It Scene By 1,000’s Everyday

Submit Your Tattoo Work

Tattoo artwork and designs have been almost strictly for real world brick and mortar businesses , events and conventions. Its been a special part of the Tattoo industry – community – for quite some time. (Well, actually forever)

Face to face meetings and real life evaluations of an artist’s design’s and artwork help create a very unique environment for Tattoo enthusiasts across the globe. Whether you live in California, Texas, or Florida – being discovered as an elite Tattoo artist can depend on your ability to seek out the top Tattoo studios in your area. That is totally what its all about.

But it can be quite limitating for new artists looking to break out. 

There are a few reasons why being constrained to 1 certain region or area can slow your progress and sometimes stall you out completely:


Maybe your area is over-saturated with talent Your style may be suited to a different state or city (Or even another Country) Sometimes we dont have enough time to wait on the local Tat studio to give us a break Maybe your area or town is just too ‘small’ for your talent level The Tattoo Studio you are interested in joining is in another state  There are other easons for sure, but these are some of the main reasons that many Tattoo Artist’s have expressed to me as there biggest problems when sticking to the local Tattoo scene.
Submit Your Tattoo Artwork to an Online Tattoo Site ?
If you are reading this article than you have probably thought of this, or you are definitely ready to exploit the World Wide Web – World being my favorite part of that sentence.(followed by exploit 😉
Its no wonder that many of the up and coming Tattoo artists are turning to the Tattoo website linked to from above. There are so many positives to submitting your artwork to this tattoo website. its the most recognized submission site on the net. Many other tattoo sites simply do not offer a artist friendly environment. They offer plenty of tattoo designs, but thats it. 
You want to expose your Tattoo Artwork to 1,000’s of viewers – EVERY SINGLE DAY. 
And you dont need to waste time submitting your best work to a site that will use you as a way of boosting there own site, without you reaping any of the benefits. Definitely beware of those sites. Actually, I wouldnt even consider any other site than the Tattoo Me Now Tattoo community. It really is a tattoo community.
Its got something for everyone.
Up Coming Tattoo Events and Conventions Listings of Reviews For Tattoo Studios around The World (38 Countries) Many different Tattoo designs – from artists like you -and other experienced well known artists Tattoo Forums where we can all discuss designs and studios – (And whatever else you can think of) Great new video’s and pictures Submit Your Tattoo Artwork for instant exposure Find out what people from Japan, Greece , Germany and other countries think of YOUR Tattoo Artwork! There are so many different options you can choose from when you decide to join the Tattoo Me Now  community. It is truly the quickest way to gain exposure for you and your Tattoo Artwork. 
Go ahead and follow the link below to see the site for yourself – Its definitely worth checking out. 


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