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Styles of Tattoos

July 31st, 2010

There are many different styles of tattoos:

Tattoos have managed to pull itself up from its suspect and seedy past with a bad reputation to become an art form that is the subject of human exhibition and self-expression today. Today tattoos have become an art form with new and better tattoo artists coming up with a huge number of styles of tattoos.

When you visit a tattoo parlor or look at an online tattoo gallery, you find that there is a wide range of tattoo styles available and a massive range of styles to choose from. The usual criteria used for choosing tattoos is usually its size, the love for someone, depicting a certain culture or sect or as a status symbol.

Men prefer strong and powerful styles of tattoos:

Men prefer to use identity symbols more than decorative devices that have traditional images like snakes, black panthers and eagles. The most popular option in men are skulls, daggers dripping blood, dragons and basically any image that depicts male strength and valor. Heart tattoos are best used to depict love for both men and women. This is a tattoo that has endured the test of time and is still growing in popular. Tribal styles are becoming more and more popular.

The symbol depicting mystery, power, wisdom and good will is the dragon tattoo. This is because dragons are considered to be good luck and have qualities including strength and courage.

Animal tattoos are the most popular of all.  This is because animal tattoos relate to animals that we use to demonstrate the inner connections we have with fine beasts and the similarities we exhibit with these animals. Snake tattoos and reptiles are becoming more and fashionable.

Similarly, bird tattoos have lots of reverence in the tattoo world. Some of the most popular bird tattoos are the eagle, dove, swallow and birds of prey tattoos. Once again, the nature and attitude of the birds are taken into consideration when choosing the bird tattoo.

Women prefer floral styles of tattoos:

Women prefer having floral tattoos and styles of tattoos that are a lot subtler in nature. Other options are of cherry blossom, lotus flower tattoos, blossom, lily and tree tattoos.

Sea creatures are very popular that people like wearing. Sea creature tattoos connect us with our past and the mythical creatures of the deep have a wide appeal. Those who are very spirituality prefer angel tattoos, as they are important in many religions like Christianity, Jewish and Islamic faiths. These angels are considered to be the messengers of god who are protective to us, like guardian angels looking over us.

There are some tattoos that have specific meanings and are meant to cater to specific people while there are generalized tattoos. In Japan, households are represented by the chrysanthemum to depict determination and steadfastness while the peony is used to depict wealth and good fortune.

City that chose to outsource everything

July 31st, 2010

City that chose to outsource everything
When two uniformed police officers approached Hector Hernandez as he arrived at the City of Maywood’s official Fourth of July celebrations, he feared the worst.The stocky 22-year-old – whose neck tattoo of a Playboy bunny indicates…

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Where to Look When You Want to Buy a Tattoo

July 31st, 2010

One important thing to take into consideration when you decide that you are ready to buy a tattoo is to know and fully understand the meaning of the tattoo and the feeling that you will get from having it. For some people, choosing the right design can be a cumbersome task, especially if you are thinking of getting a design that has something to do with your personal life. A tattoo is a permanent thing, so you really have to think hard about the type of tattoo that you want , otherwise you might just regret it in the end. You do not want to pay more for the removal of the design that you have chosen than you did for the tattoo itself. Therefore, it is vital to consider several factors when you decide that you are ready for a tattoo.

When it comes to the time for you to buy your tattoo, ask the tattoo artist about the latest trends as well as the well known tattoo designs, and you might want to ask which designs are the most popular. The more famous tattoo designs are there because Hollywood stars and rock stars have them, and we associate particular tattoos with those particular stars.

The popularity of the tattoo design is not the only aspect that you have to consider when you decide to buy a tattoo; your budget is another thing. How much money are you willing to spend on the tattoo? The price of the tattoo depends on colour, size, complexity and quality of design, as well as the knowledge and skill of the tattoo artist. The care of your tattoo also costs.

When it comes to deciding on a tattoo design, do not be influenced merely by the rising trend at that particular time, because the popularity of the design is not the best way to choose your dream tattoo design. Think again, and ask yourself what kind of design you really want tattooed on your skin. If you are still unsure, you can buy tattoo designs in the tattoo stores, both online and offline.

When you have finally decided, then now is the time for you to look for the best tattoo artist. Finding a good and qualified tattoo artist is as tricky as buying a good tattoo design. The best way to find out if they are competent is to shop around or ask your friends for good recommendations as far as the level of the skills of the artist. Even better is to observe the tattoo artist as to how they perform and how they do the designs. The bottom line is if you are in the market for a tattoo, do not settle for less. You know that you deserve something more. When choosing your tattoo design, make sure that you are the only one who is sporting it if you want to be unique. If you happen to like a certain design and other people already have it, you can ask your tattoo artist to make some changes to the art line and then it will look different and still be unique.

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