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Choosing Lower Back Tattoo Designs

June 19th, 2010

”Tramp stamps” is a negative phrase used recently to describe lower back tattoos. With the increasing number of people who now have them, it seems clear that there are going to be some good choices and some bad choices. If you want one, go for it, but spend a bit of time researching to ensure yours is a good decision.

For lots of people, a lower back tattoo is a positive decision because it allows you to amend your style of clothing to suit whether you want the tattoo to be on view. This is great if you happen to work in a corporate environment. Understandably, the amount of light you give your ink will depend on the warmth of your country.

Girls are drawn to this location because the lower back is purportedly the core of female creativity. To emphasise this part of your body is to draw attention to this creative force and illustrate your independence from other people. Physically, a lower back tattoo will highlight your feminine curves by focussing the eyes and compliementing your shape. An additional positive feature of this location is that it is quite wide and yet can be hidden, so it allows more creativity to be included in the sorts of lower back tattoo designs which may be chosen.

When deciding which of the many lower back tattoo designs to have tattooed onto your skin, you should remember that the tattoo must be for you – you have to want to be inked for yourself and not for anyone else. Locate and energise yourself for yourself! Once you are happy this is so, there are a few decisions you need to make.

Firstly: the design. Visit any tattoo parlor and you’ll see many, many potential images; it can be overwhelming. By having several ideas before you make this visit will save you time and focus your initial ideas on what you want without distractions. Do you want something connected to space (stars, moons, planets, star signs)? How about something more ancestral (stunning markings, maybe linked to your family or your country’s forefathers)? How about symbols (crosses, gorgeous celtic symbols, languages from different times)? Are you drawn to animals (the pride of lions, eagles’ strength, deers’ grace)? Do you love plants (a lotus’ life span, the elegance of a rose, the fragrance of your preferred stem)? With the increasing figures of relationship breakdowns, it’s probably a better idea to not be tattoed with your partner’s name. However, there’s nothing stopping you from including their name if that’s what you really want or the name of your children/ or parents.

Second of all, mirror images. The lower back is an ideal place for a mirror image design; your hips are symmetrical and a design which tracks this symmetry will draw attention to your femininity and praise your curvyness. However, if you prefer a tattoo which is not symmetrical, then go for it! Some sweet miniature stars or even a reptile would be awesome. Just remember: it is your tattoo, so make it right for you!

Finally, color. Do you desire a black and white tattoo (eternal, graceful, delicate) or a colourful tattoo which certainly empowers your ink and perfects the image you want? For many, the decision of whether to have color depends on the design, but take some time to note down what you find appealing in the tattoos of others.

A tattoo on the lower part of your back can be a special way of enhancing your femininity and demonstrating your imagination. Try and be as individual as possible and adapt any of the abundant lower back tattoo designs you locate to complement you completely. You will have it for a very long time, so choose wisely and make the tattoo works for you!

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