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What are the best custom tattoo designs?

June 18th, 2010

If you’re considering taking the plunge and having some ink on the lower part of your back, you are well advised to think about having some ink designed especially for you so that your tattoo is as unique as it can be.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, tattoos on the lower backs have acquired something of a bad reputation as “tramp stamps”. This was the result of many people jumping on the bandwagon of having some ink on their lower back without spending a whole heap of time or thought into what they were being tatooed with. You needn’t make follow their mistakes.

It can be difficult to articulate exactly what custom tattoo designs are, as every tattoo will be slightly different from the same tattoo on a different person. However, custom tattoos are tats which have been specifically crafted for someone. This is all well and good, but why is this relevant?

After all, this inking will be tattooed onto your skin for lots of years to come (if everything works out as it should!), so you should aim to make it as inimitable as possible but also as personal as possible. The tattoo is for you, so it has to have some important meaning to you.

Without doubt, not everyone is creatively minded and the majority of us require help in generating our tattoo design. However, before asking others for help, you are better off taking some time alone jotting down the types of tattoos you love; try and put together some sketches. Check online and walk in your local city to see what other people have been inked with. If you’re in love with one particular tattoo design, write it down.

To create a particular design which is personalized and unique to you, you should undertake some amateur psychology! Using a big piece of paper, write your name in the centre and write words or short phrases around the outside which could describe you. Start off with your appearance, then go on to how you think others perceive you, as well as what occupation you have, what friendships you are involved with, what you like to snack on, what you like to do in your personal time, which locations you enjoy spending your vacations. Effectively, you are attempting to get an awareness of yourself onto this piece of card, to enable you to gain a summarized idea of what you are like as a person. So frequently my friends have done the same thing and ended up with their perfect design after putting together a design concept that they then discussed with a tattoo artist. Go on; give it a try.

After having assimilated a final list of potential custom tattoo designs, you should have a chat with your partner to take into account their opinions. This isn’t necessarily for them to amend the design, but to offer input. If you are happy with your design, you don’t have to do this, but in my experience, lots of folks find this to be helpful.

After having done this, you should go and visit a local tattoo parlor to seek for their ideas and feedback. They will have an enormous selection of tattoo designs to choose from, and it is certainly possible to include your own likes and dislikes to transform one of their designs into one of the custom tattoo designs from which you will eventually make your choice. Without doubt, there’ll be a varied level of involvement, which is dependant upon how certain your preferences are and how artistic you think you are.

In conclusion, the tattoo you decide on must be something you engage with completely. Attempt to envision this love as a long term relationship rather than a short term relationship; this should see you on the correct path to finding the design which is perfect for you.

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