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How do I choose from the many lower back tribal tattoos?

June 17th, 2010


In its basic incarnation, “tribal tattoo” is used to describe a design of tattoo which has its basis in one of the world’s tribes where members of a particular tribe created and permanently marked each other with that tattoo. Nevertheless, nowadays the phrase is used to denote tattoos which are viewed as more symbolic in nature and elaborate than regular tattoo designs.


Throughout time, tribal tattoos have been exercised to demonstrate the identifications and desires of particular factions of people. If you’re contemplating having some ink with a vast history rather than a every day symbol, you should research the history of your selected design to ensure it’s a perfect ‘fit’ with you.


In the age of the Aztecs, tattoos were a way of identifying the group and devotion. However, nowadays tattoos are generally seen as a means of not being identified as a member of a group; they permit people to individualize their body and become individuals. Aztec tattoos are becoming more and more popular due to the mystical and fantastical devote beliefs of the Aztec community.


Celtic tattoos were utilized for tribal identification, and are very popular with people who are looking for a finely honed religious aspect to their tattoo. Japanese tattoos have historically been linked with the Japanese mafia – a modern day tribal means of identification!


There is more opportunity for variance by incorporating some African elements into the design of your tattoo. One of the oldest tattoos found was on a mummified Egyptian. Typically, Egyptian tattoos were used to commend the pharaohs and gods, and to secure the wearer against illness and mean entities. Therefore, there is heaps of opportunity in adopting an ancient Egyptian tribal tattoo!


Therefore, why should this mean anything to you? Obviously, it’s all well and good judging a tattoo simply by what it looks like, but if there is a specific significance surrounding the tattoo, then you’d clearly want to make sure the value was positive from your perspective if you are going to be parading this value for the rest of your lifetime!

Utilizing the past of the tribes is a good method of uncovering a tattoo design that is perfect for use on you. The tattoo could allow you to identify with the foundation of the tribe yet, at the same time, permitting you to stand out.

Nowadays, tattoos are a way of demonstrating your individuality. Nevertheless, there is no reason why a tribal tattoo should not be adapted into a design you think is more suitable for you. You might want to use the tribal configuration as the basis for your own lower back tribal tattoo design.


The growth of lower back tribal tattoos is because tribal tattoos are not as common as the regular tattoos, and are seen as being more unique. Also, the configurations are normally wonderfully constructed, coiled and symmetrical, and are therefore suitable for a woman’s lower back as they will emphasize her curves and femininity.

All through history, the a woman’s lower back has been a sensual and energized place; it is purported to be the location of a female’s creative energy. As such, including a tribal tattoo on a woman’s lower back, will emphasise her femininity and power!


There are loads of lower back tribal tattoos to decide from, therefore spend as much time as you can in making your selection. Read through a few history reference books at the library and the picture books at your chosen tattoo parlor; there’s something for everyone’s tastes. Try to individualize your tattoo, but make sure you know the basis of where your tattoo design comes from!

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