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Closely Guarded Knowledge About Removing A Tattoo

June 17th, 2010

There are a number of instances where tattoo removal would be a good idea. We’re going to fix all those irrational fears about tattoo removal in this article. There are plenty of reasons and methods for getting a tattoo removed… Tattoo removal is sometimes needed. If you’re even contemplating it, then this artical can help you out. A few funny stories, cheap tattoo removal, tattoo removal methods and even highly recommended over the counter fade cream. That’s what you’ll find in this article.

1) Your teacher said you were stupid for getting that sleeve. You thought nothing of it and laughed it off. Now you’re heading off to your job interview. You hope they won’t discriminate against your ink and ask you to get your tattoo removed. You wear a nice coat to cover up your tattoo. Your boss is a great guy and seems to like you. Your tattoo shows a bit when you shake hands. He actually likes your inkwork and says he’ll call you soon. You go home and wait. But there isn’t a call.

2) There was no lady you loved more. There was nothing that would tear you two apart. It seemed like a great idea to get her name tattooed on you. She decided a few weeks later to break up with you. You had a winner there, huh? You consider the possibility of removing a tattoo. It didn’t take you too long to get over her and find a new lady. You like her a lot, and she’s really digging you, but… She stumbles upon the girl’s name. Wow. Awkward. You decided to settle for some over the counter tattoo cover up cream for now.

3) You made some bad choices back then. A gang tattoo? What were you thinking? You said, “Yeah, we’re all brothers and family here!”. That’s long past. There’s nothing more you regret. You’re confused as to why you even talked to them. Those days are over and you’re going to find some before and after photos of people who’ve removed tattoos from their body. Your journey to remove a tattoo is just beginning. If you ever were sure of one thing… You’re going get that tattoo off of you if it’s the last thing you do.

That’s the WHY of removing a tattoo, next we’ll show you the how of removing a tattoo.

1) Tattoo removal cream. This method of tattoo removal is the most easily available and painless. With tons of before and after photos, you can easily find out that this method works. For the price of it, tattoo removal cream is absolutely amazing. For solid results, tat b gone is supposed to be star quality. It’s highly recommended and has several claims from people who actually have used it to had their tattoo removed. While we’re on popular brands, wrecking balm tattoo removal is said to be absolutely amazing.

2) Laser tattoo removal. This is a kind of pricey option, but your tattoo removal WILL happen. Laser tattoo removal costs are not hard to find, so you can see the different options you have.

It’s a good option, but has some cons. The tattoo removal costs of this method are probably the most expensive options, and it’s a painful and gross healing process (I have a friend who got his tribal tattoos removed via laser tattoo removal and the pictures of the healing process could very easily make you lose your lunch!).

3) And one more alternative would be: get some over the counter tattoo cover up cream. It works, won’t break your budget, and you can actually keep your tattoos. It can hide all your tattoo pigments, and tattoo cover up cream is easy to get a hold of.

4) The most expensive removal method id a surgical tattoo removal. This tattoo removal method is very painful, and VERY pricey. The surgical procedure requires the replacing of the skin in that area.

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