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Beware Fanatics – Avoid Extremists!

March 27th, 2010

Holocaust Reminder Tattoo


Forum: Can You Get Tattooed if You Have a Hair Dye Allergy?

March 26th, 2010
“I have quite a severe allergy to hair dye, probably the PPD in it. I can use temp. hair color without PPD, but I don’t use anything now, just easier. Anyway, I want to get a tattoo, is this possible? Does anyone who is allergic to hair dye get tattoos? I would appreciate any info, as I want to go for the tattoo this weekend, I have hear allergies to tattoo ink are rare. Any info would be greatly appreciated.”

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Richard’s Cybernetic Tattoos

March 25th, 2010
I met Richard in the Amtrak section of Penn Station, which I have found to be a wonderful place to find tattoos from all over the world.

He was in the New York area on business, having traveled from Oregon where he lives and runs his company, Out of the Box Mods, LLC.

His tattoos are directly related to his vocation of computer modding, which “involves making physical changes to a computer for aesthetic reasons or to improve the performance”.

Here is the piece on his upper left arm:

Often, I will be sent, a better photo that was taken right after completion, or in better circumstances than my quick little snapshots in public. By comparing the photo I took with the one Richard sent, you get a better idea of how the tattoo artist envisioned the piece, down to the bruising of the skin around the torn flesh.

I also took a photo of a work-in-progress on his forearm:

The outline for the second piece is completed, for the most part, and it is soon to be colored.

This style of tattoo is often referred to as “torn flesh” and is marked by an added dimension of perspective. When done properly, the effect of the tattoo is unsettling, as if the skin of the tattooed person has been ripped away, exposing the workings within. The variance comes in what lies beneath the skin, which allows individuals to express more about their selves through their tattoo art. See some other examples of the torn flesh motif as seen on the site can be viewed here and here.

The machinery below Richard’s outer layer of skin personifies that which drives him: mods.

The work shown is the creation of tattoo artist “Lil Kev” at Ink-Daddy’s Tattoo in Salem, Oregon.

Richard tells me he’s getting the forearm piece finished in a couple of days, so check back to see the link to the updated piece, once it’s done.

Thanks again to Richard for his participation and cooperation in sharing his cool mod tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!


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