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Mike’s Incredible Aquatic Sleeve (and More!)

March 29th, 2010
I had the good fortune of meeting Mike outside of Penn Station last week and, despite first noticing him because of his leg tattoos, he was extremely generous and unveiled an incredible sleeve that covered his right arm:

Mike is a fisherman and a loves the brightness, color and variety of oceanic life. Such things translate well to the body’s canvas and make for some amazing tattoo work…

The giant octopus actually curls up over his shoulder and onto his chest, with one tentacle moving down his arm….

The deep sea diver punctuates the middle of his arm…

At the bottom of the arm are tropical motifs including a huge tiki god and a hibiscus….

On the inside of his inner bicep is this fish which is a cross between an anglerfish and a razorfish:

And we ended with this piece that was so fresh at the time, that Mike had to peel back the protective plastic covering this amazing blowfish:

The artist behind this amazing work is Steve Woison formerly of Electric Tiki Tattoo in Patchogue, and now at Studio 520 in Oakdale, on Long Island.

Thanks again to Mike for taking the time to share his amazing aquatic sleeve with us here on Tattoosday!


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    Super cool!

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