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Body Tattoo – blog about tattoo art
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Thinking of Getting Forearm Tattoo? Learn the Basics Before Finding a Design

February 28th, 2010

Forearm tattoos commonly talk about some tattoo which wraps entirely all over the upper arm running from shoulder down to the elbow or through half of the arm. Nonetheless, a number of people call a tattoo that goes around the hand from the elbow to the wrist a forearm tattoo. Similarly, others call such tattoos quarter-sleeve tattoos due to the fact the lower limb is smaller sized as compared to the upper limb. forearm skin images can be planned prior to the actual exercise, as well as designing them by making use of current pieces and joining them together using more pieces.


Tattoos in the modern business proffesional world

February 27th, 2010

Yes, I have tattoos! Not just one but several and some of them are quite large. Before you ask, do I regret them, not one bit. I see it as a part of my history. I was very selective about the art I had placed upon my body and it still means a great deal to me now. Needless to say, I placed one on my forearm.


Forum: Any UK Artists Willing to Do Charity Coverup?

February 26th, 2010
UnhappyPixy writes: “On my belly, it took 4 hrs – complete agony – then I got up to see this… I’m SO depressed over it… I need a cover please I would give you so much credit, before and after pics, you’d be known for an amazing cover up artist if you could fix this… Please. I have no money though as I gave it all to this woman.”

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