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Do Home Tattoo Removal Creams, Chemical Peels, and Other Systems REALLY Work?

January 27th, 2010

What Home Tattoo Removal Methods Get Rid of the Tat?

Okay, we’ve all seen them: tattoo removal creams that “swear” they work for everyone.

It’s not the “everyone” that bothers me; it’s the lack of mentioning that the type of tattoo makes the difference in effectiveness of these removal creams.

People today are rethinking getting tattooed in the first place for a couple of key reasons:

  1. Many if not most employers prohibit tattoos.
  2. Tattoo removal using surgical procedures is extremely expensive and can risk infection and scarring.

For these reasons, tattoo removal creams and systems home kits have been rising to the point it’s hard to figure out what really works with all the choices of different brands and manufacturers.

The Anatomy of a Tattoo

A traditional tattoo that has been placed using a needle or gun isn’t just on the surface of the skin. It goes through the dermis as well as the epidermis.

It stands to reason, therefore, that the tattoo ink has gone deeply into the skin and cannot simply be scrubbed away. Usually expensive procedures such a laser and surgical excision are required to eradicate tattoos entirely — but those processes can leave the area open to infection and often leave a scar.

Tattoo ink (pigment) varies in the ease of removal as well. Oddly enough, black ink is easiest to remove but colors such as red, yellow, and green are more difficult using even a laser removal technique.

The color(s), size, and length of time a tattoo has been on the skin are all factors that play a role in the ease (or difficulty) of having a tattoo removed and its cost.

Home Tattoo Removal Systems: Reviews

WreckingBalm is a system that uses a cream as well as dermabrasion tool to fade the tattoo over a period of time (normally 4-6 months).

The theory behind this removal process relies on the skin’s natural ability to slough off old skin cells that are replaced by new ones. WreckingBalm is the only system that uses a combination of a sort of chemical peel along with the dermabrasion appliance and testimonials reflect a high level of customer satisfaction. The cost of the system is reasonable compared to traditional surgical removal techniques, starting at $149.

Tat B Gone Tattoo Fading System has been around for many years and is a popular tattoo removal system.

With Tat B Gone, there are 3 steps in the system:

  1. A solution is applied to the skin in order for the next solutions to work effectively.
  2. An activation solution is then applied which helps to break down tattoo ink.
  3. A removal cream then starts the fading action.

The system can fade a tattoo in approximately 6 months, depending on the age, size, and depth/color of ink. The trial kit is $67.50.

Perfect Peel Solutions is a system that is actually a chemical peel that is also used to rejuvenate the skin, remove freckles and birthmarks, as well as tattoos.

TCA-based chemical peels use special agents that caused peeling of the skin in layers, in stages.

The process is simple: Apply the solution to the skin. A tingling or slight burning sensation may occur during the time the chemicals cause a layer of skin to peel off.

Perfect Peel Solutions is a website that carries a line of different, yet effective, chemical peels that vary in price according to manufacturer.

Chemical peels can remove a tattoo in as little as a month, depending on the makeup of the tattoo.

You should absolutely consult with a physician or dermatologist before using any of these systems because people can react differently to chemical compounds.


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