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In other news a nipple was stabbed!

January 26th, 2010

Hello and as you can tell by the headline and picture I have got my nipple pierced.  This is my first piercing and there was no prior thought to it as well, totally spur of the moment only because as I walked through the mall I seen the store The Outer Loop and thought I wonder if I should get my nipple pierced.   As I walked into the store automatically seen all the jewelry some very distinguishably womanly or manly but some not so.  The clerks behind the desk seemed very at home in the place with their tattos and piercings.  No that was not a rude statement just an observation, I myself have four tattoos and now one piercing so I do not judge.  The woman seemed to have a few facial piercings like the dimples on both sides of her mouth, lip, eyebrow but was not scary piercing kind of inviting like hey its cool.  The guy seemed kinda laid back and wanted me to tell him how it is so he knows if he gets it done or not later on.  They told me that male nipples are more sensitive than women and that it would be painful but not for long.  They compared it to that of a tattoo saying that a tattoo is like getting a sunburn and a piercing is initial and thats it.  They told me you only live once and I thought you know what lets do this.  I paid my fee, filled out the paper work and followed the woman into the back where I was instructed to take off my shirt and lie back on one of them hospital type examing beds.  Apon lying down I looked up and was relieved to be staring at a picture of Waldo (from the Where’s Waldo books).  I had been looking for him for years with no luck and then all of a sudden I found the bastard.  I stole a glance to see what she was doing for preparation and was quickly wishing I didn’t.  So I returned my gaze to that happy red and white striped shirt and beanie cartoon character.  She then proceeded to grab my nipple with some kind of clamp and pull, not comfortable at all.  I was instructed to breathe in, exhale, breathe in, exhal…owwwwwwww!  Yes that was when she snuck it in on me and I was gritting my teeth.  But then it was over as she then closed the hoop with a ball screw at the bottom of it.  I stood up hopped up on endorphins and admired it in the mirror.  Stingy alittle but not much.  I put my shirt back on and then tipped her and was on my way outside.   About halfway out of the store (which was very small) I started sweating and feeling light headed.  I quickly made my way to a bench just a few feet in front of the store.  I can only imagine the look on my face as people were walking by.  I didn’t care although because sounds were starting to grow dimmer, like the fading music at the end of the song where they keep singing but someone said okay enough and started to tune them out.  My eyesight got a little cloudy and I felt very sick to my stomache.  By now I was soaked with sweat.  As sound and vision started to return I stood up determined to make it to the mall bathrooms and puke.  As I started walking those same sound and vision problems returned but kept on going this time, although I did think a couple times that I was not going to make the distance.  I evnetually found my wife afterwards and she said I looked like hell, or a ghost, or both.  I drove home and showed her when we got in.  She was surprised and she actually liked it.  Now it is like the 4th day i’ve had this and it doesnt bother me as bad as that first day.  All in all I like it.  Would I get the other one done?  HELL NO!  This one will do.  I don’t really care what other guys think about it.  Some might say “you’re a fag” or shit like that and I am not.  I am sercure in my masculinity.  But anyways I just thought I would share this experience with yall.  Leave me a comment to tell me what you think, or what your thoughts on it are.


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