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New Site Feature: Show & Tell

December 28th, 2009
Do you remember Show & Tell from your early school days? It was always my favorite day of the week. I’d get to pick something I liked from home, bring it to school, and stand up in front of the whole class to show what I had brought and tell everyone about it and why it was special to me. To be honest, I was always a bit of a ham for the spotlight and I just liked being the center of attention. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I get tattoos, because I love it when people stop me and ask me about them. Once a ham, always a ham?

Well, now it’s your chance to play Show & Tell! But you won’t have to stand up in front of the class to do it, in case you’re not a sucker for the limelight. It’s a brand new feature on the network, and it’s just perfect for this site because so many of you have great tattoos and great stories, and I just don’t have time to publish them all myself. So, now you have the opportunity to share your own story and read those shared by others. There will be several S&T topics eventually, but right now I’ve just created the first one entitled, “My Favorite Tattoo.” Tell us about your favorite tattoo by filling out the form and uploading a picture (or 2). It’s really easy and I will review your story within a week and publish it directly to the site if it’s accepted.

The first two stories have already been published, so you can take a look at those and see what the whole Show & Tell feature is about! Thanks to Matt and “efhhnt” for getting the ball rolling by sharing your awesome stories.


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