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Do You REALLY Know What Your Tattoo Means?

December 24th, 2009
Imagine this classic comedic scenario: You’ve just exited from an important event, feeling confident that you looked great, smiled at all the right people and said all the right things, only to discover that you’ve got a big green piece of broccoli stuck between your teeth from that luncheon you had earlier. No one told you it was there, and now you’re wondering how many people witnessed your humiliation in silence. The only difference between that and wearing a wrongly translated tattoo is that at least you can remove the broccoli from your teeth easily; the tattoo, however, is permanent.

This article explains the importance of finding out exactly what a tattoo says/means if it’s in a foreign language or from a culture that you don’t understand. Read some of the embarrassing things that have happened to others who didn’t have the benefit of this article beforehand!

What’s with the T-Shirt? This t-shirt is what inspired me to update and revive this article. It’s from, which is an amazing online catalog of unique items for your inner geek. I was shopping for gifts when I came across this shirt and almost sprayed Christmas cookie bits all over my computer screen. Literally translated, the Japanese characters say, “Random Japanese Characters/Words/Language Bits.” If that’s not hilarious enough, here’s their description on the product page:

“We don’t have to tell you this. You know better. But we have to vent. If you’re going to have something permanently inked on your body, please proofread it first. And if you don’t know the language it’s written in, don’t get the tattoo. If you have to get the tattoo in a language you don’t fully comprehend, get someone you trust who has mastered the language to proofread it for you. And then, this is important, make sure your tattoo artist also knows the language. One misinterpreted stroke can totally change what your body says for the rest of your life. So this is our tribute to all those frat boys who have incorrect Japanese or Chinese or Klingon permanently inked on their bodies. We thank you for providing us with amusement.”

Needless to say, I immediately ordered one of those shirts for my husband and then couldn’t resist ordering a second one for myself. Merry Christmas to us!


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