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How to dazzle us with stuff we do in honor to New Moon

November 21st, 2009

So as Zelda and I are both currently not living in the US, we won’t be able to see New Moon until november 25th (Yeah, I know we already told you that yesterday…). We got tickets to the premiere but still we have to wait five days longer than the rest of you. Our life sucks! We’re so pissed I even considered flying to LA just to watch New Moon a few days earlier. But then I calculated that for the money I would have to invest in a flight ticket I could see the movie about 98 times on the big screen here. 54 times if I buy popcorn and a diet coke every time. 27 times if I always invite Zelda and buy popcorn and a diet coke to share with her. So I decided I can make it through five more days (four by the time this post gets published) by distracting myself with countless blog post. Honestly, I will be so productive! To shorten the time a bit I occupied myself by making a list of things Zelda and I will do in honor to New Moon before the movie finally premieres here. Another top ten list, of course! What else?


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