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New & Improved Fantasy/Sci-Fi Tattoo Gallery

November 20th, 2009
Over the past ten years, I have received many, many tattoo submissions. Admittedly, some of them did not meet up to my personal standards of quality, but I posted them anyway for a variety of reasons. Some were inked by friends, some were unique in concept even if not so great in execution, and some were just simply lousy photos of really good tattoos and I hated to avoid posting good work just because the photo was shoddy. But now that I have so many submission to choose from, I am starting to put together new collections of only good photos of good tattoo work. Some may still be better than others, but I’ve eliminated a lot of sub-par images from the mix. The first of many new and improved tattoo galleries is the Fantasy and Science Fiction ensemble. There are currently 75 photos in this gallery, all of good or better quality. It should be an enjoyable experience browsing through this gallery and I appreciate all of the wonderful contributions over the years that made this collection possible!


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