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Heroes: Interesting Twist on Tattooing

October 3rd, 2009
If you haven’t been watching NBC’s show, Heroes, there’s been an interesting new character introduced to the show in the last two episodes. His name is Samuel Sullivan (played by actor Robert Knepper), and his special ability is terrakinesis–the ability to manipulate earth and other geologic materials. The first thing we saw him doing a couple of weeks ago was move the earth in order to cover his brother’s grave. But then he shows another side of his ability, which I still can’t quite figure out. He touches Lydia, one of his carnies, with a long stick of some sort and you see a flow of ink transfer from the end of the stick into her back and then swirl around and form the face of a man Samuel wants information about. Later he touches the same stick to the hand of another carnival member, which sends a tattoo in the form of a hand to the man’s throat and proceeds to choke him. In this week’s episode, we see Samuel look at his own wrist which displays a tattoo of a compass, but the bar needle is spinning around. In another scene, we see him dip his hands into a jar of “ink” and watch as his fingers suck the substance up like a sponge.

I’m waiting to see more about Samuel and his unusual tattooing ability and I hope that the show will somehow explain it better as time goes on. If his ability is that he can manipulate and control earthen substances, then it would make sense that he could control iron oxides and other minerals used in many pigments, but it doesn’t necessarily explain how he would also be able to control the carrier(s) that turn pigment into liquid. However, it’s an interesting concept and I’m looking forward to seeing how this particular story line develops.


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