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¡Squirrel Libre!

October 2nd, 2009
I spotted Eliza at the Atlantic Avenue subway station several Saturdays ago.

She has several tattoos, but this one, on her right arm, seemed the most appropriate to share:

This is, of course, a squirrel, which was chosen because Eliza has the nickname of Squirrel.

Why Squirrel?

Eliza grew up in rural Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains. “When I was younger,” she told me, “I hunted and shot squirrel”.

Of course, I had to ask what squirrel tasted like. “Like chicken,” she answered, and then clarified, “the dark meat”.

As for the head of the squirrel, Eliza confirmed what I thought, the tattoo sports a Lucha Libre Mexican-style wrestling mask.

Eliza explained that she wanted the squirrel to be like her, kind of “sassafrass”. I thought I knew what she meant, but not being familiar with rural American dialect, I asked her to clarify. “Sassafrass,” she smiled, “is sorta wild and crazy”.

The piece was inked at Southside Tattoo in Austin, Texas, by Michael Norris.

A hearty thanks to Eliza and her cool squirrel tattoo from us here at Tattoosday!


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