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Forum Discussion: Looking for an Ancient Hand-Tap Tattoo

September 13th, 2009
The Japanese method of Tebori is probably the most widely accepted hand-tap method of tattooing, although you could always visit one of the tribes in Taiwan or Borneo and see if you can get one there done with thorns and hand-made ink, but the average joe can’t usually get that kind of art. However, there is one artist here in the U.S. that I know of that still practices Tebori and he is ….utterly amazing…difficult to put in words how talented he is. His name is Jess Yen and he is the owner of “My Tattoo” in the L.A. area – here’s their website:

Jess travels a lot so it can be difficult to get an appointment with him, but I guarantee it will be worth both the wait and the effort to travel. I am hoping to be one of the fortunate to be inked by him one day.


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