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Camilla’s Inspirational Quote from Gandhi

September 4th, 2009
I spotted an amazing tattoo-in-progress last month in Penn Station and I just had to stop and ask the young lady what it was about.

Camilla has a piece that, among other things, represents the cityscape of Rio de Janeiro, circling her lower left calf. Alas, you won’t see it here (yet), as it is not finished.

Some people are reluctant to have me photograph their works-in-progress, as they would rather the tattoo be complete before being displayed for all on the blogosphereto see. Others are indifferent and tell me to snap away.

There’s pros and cons to both approaches, but one of the pros is that we see a tattoo in its pre-completion stage and then get to see it after it’s done. The two versions are often quite interesting to compare and contrast.

But that’s neither here nor there. Fortunately for me, Camilla has ten tattoos, and she offered up this quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi on her inner left forearm:

The quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” speaks to Camilla, as she is a social worker and, she says, “it represents what I stand for in life”.

I thank Camilla for taking the time to chat with us on Tattoosday, and look forward to featuring her other tattoo(s) in the future!


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