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QOW: Keeping Tattoo Looking Sharp

August 8th, 2009
Question: “I would like to ask you to help me with a doubt I have about my tattoo. I did it in my lower back neck, a few months ago now. It is gorgeous and I love it. But, I wonder if there is a way of keeping it well defined for more time. I have this doubt, because I often see tattoos that are faded out by a number of reasons. I guess what I am trying to ask, is: are there tricks, lotions or any way to keep a tattoo well conserved for more time, after the healing of it is done? Apart from always using sun screen, of course.”

Answer: Sunscreen really is your best defense against fading. Since it’s at the back of your neck, that’s an area that is often exposed to UV rays even when wearing a t-shirt and we don’t typically think of putting sunscreen there. Apply some every day no matter what you’re wearing and whether you think you’ll be out in the sun or not – and that means during all seasons, not just spring and summer.

The other thing that causes a tattoo to not look as sharp as when it’s brand new is the spreading of the lines. To an extent, it’s not completely unavoidable. Over time, the lines are going to spread a bit, but it’s usually not enough to be terribly noticeable. I have a tattoo on my leg that still looks great but when I compare it to photos I took of it when it was new, I can definitely see an increase in the thickness of the lines. That’s normal. But over time, weight gain and the loss of collagen in our skin can cause even more spreading and sagging of the lines. Maintaining your current weight and applying creams that replenish your collagen and keep the skin firm will help to slow down the spreading of the ink. But it’s not 100% avoidable, especially as we get older. When we start to experience wrinkling and skin sagging, it’s bound to affect the tattoo. The good news, in your case, is that your tattoo is in an area of your body that typically doesn’t experience too much change until you’re very old.

People who don’t understand tattoos often ask what we will do when we’re old and wrinkled, and my reply is that wrinkles are nothing more than character lines and tattoos with wrinkles are just stories with character. 🙂


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