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The Return of Victor’s Ink

August 31st, 2009
One of my favorite posts last year was my encounter with Victor, whose tattoos were numerous and wonderfully eclectic. The post was one of the first “tatalogs,” as I call them, when a subject shares a multitude of their ink.

So, when I had just finished speaking with Austin about his sleeve, and saw a familiar face (and ink) hanging out in front of Fuse at the corner of 32nd and 7th, I ambled on over to say hi to Victor.

He had new tattoos, of course, and I soon had my camera out, adding to the tatalog.

I contacted him later to get the scoop on the work. Although he told me about it on the street, I didn’t write any of it down, as I was too busy taking pictures. We’ve added five more pieces to the record here, and I’ll let Victor narrate the rest:

The Divine Tattoo [just above his left wrist] was done by my cousin Ed Bonacore in the poconos. He is the only tattoo artist I really go to know. I trust him, he does good work. He works at this amazing shop in the Poconos called FUNHOUSE TATTOOING. The vibe there is cool from the colorful horror movie atmosphere, to all the artists and the friendly shop girl.

Anyway, I got the JOHN WATERS signature tattooed on [on my outer left forearm] last summer the day after I had met him with my best friend RUBY LAROCCA.

She got the same thing. She got him to sign his name to her arm as well! We make films and John Waters is one of our biggest influences so to have his mark on us for life is a reminder to keep making dangerous art.

I got the John Waters done at RED ROCKET TATTOO in NYC, I had to get it quick and fast so the autograph didn’t fade. The artist’s name slips my mind, but he was making a guest spot at that shop and he was originally from Texas. Red Rocket is one of the best shops in Manhattan.

So anyway, I got the autograph super big on my forearm, because in his movie Cecil B. Demented, all the characters get the favorite director tattooed on their arm. I though it would be pretty cool, to do that in real life, from the director that created that idea.

Back to Divine. Then I got the Divine tattoo because, how can’t you love Divine. One of the greatest actors ever. I saw Pink Flamingos as a youngster, and I remember my parents talking about how this tranny was eating poop at the end of the film, and how they were all gagging watching the film! That got me really interested to say the least. And after Female Trouble, I know I would love anything these people collaborated on. I unfortunately cannot dig up Divine and get him to sign my arm, so [I] did a little portrait of him. He was a true artist, actor, performer, comedian, and I respect that.

Mink Stole, is also from the original DreamLand gang, and is in almost every John Waters film. She is amazing in Desperate Living, and when I met her, she was so sweet, so I figured with John Waters already inked into my arm, I would start the John Waters tribute arm. I met her at a horror convention in Baltimore, and one of the vendors was a tattoo artist, so I got the autograph, then got it tattooed and was able to show Mink by the next day. She was in shock.

The Taxi Driver tattoo [on my inner left wrist] was again done by my cousin Ed Bonacore…I have loved that movie forever, and think Travis Bickle [Robert De Niro’s character] is the ultimate Anti-Hero. Its like an oil painting version of the shot at the end after he has killed all the pimps and scumbags in the brothel.

The quote on [the left side of] my ribs was also done by my cousin Eddie, but this is before he was in a shop.

It was done at this house after I had smoked a fat blunt and [was] high as a kite. It hurt a lot, my most painful tattoo. The side of the ribs hurts a lot because there no skin there, and every time the needle hits your skin, your ribs vibrate. It took 3 different sessions to do that tattoo. The quote is from a band called HUNCHBACK, that just split up. And it’s from a song called “RED IS THE COLOR OF MY TRUE LOVES HAIR.” When I saw the song live for the first time, I was convinced this would be my new favorite band. And I can honestly say, this is the best song ever performed live. It blew me away. And the lettering that was used is the font from THE WARRIORS. Another one of my favorite films!

So, there you have it, folks. Another block of Victor’s tattoos! I can’t wait to run into him again to see what’s new!

Thanks once again to Victor for his generosity and sharing his ink with us here on Tattoosday!


A Tribal Arm Tattoo – Locate Sizzling Artwork and Lots of It

August 30th, 2009

Don’t short yourself when searching for the right tribal arm tattoo. Way too many people give in and end up settling on some generic piece, because they had no clue how to locate better and more original artwork. If you don’t want to sift through a mind numbing amount of cookie cutter junk, listen up, because finding amazing tribal arm tattoo collections can be very easy.


Style with tattoos

August 29th, 2009

Check more stylings and pics at here

First Look
Tatto: KANIVAL TATTOO – Heart of Violet [buy@here]
Hair: +*gl*+getton+MILK
Top : AC Lace gift pink
Pants : [Plastik]-Skiinah-Black Jeans
Earrings: :::Sn@tch Jeweled Ankh Earring

Second Look
Tatto:KANIVAL TATTOO – After Skool [buy@here]
Hair:.+*Hago*+.Cream&Brown MiraiStyle
Top:PIDIDDLE – Gardens and Gauze – Hodgepodge Opening Gift [get@here]
Pants : [Plastik]-Skiinah-Black Jeans
Earrings : [[SHADE THRONE]]PLASTIQUE e a r r i n g s ORANGE -GROUP FREEBIES -Join fee 100L but it’s really worth it [get@here]

Third Look
Tatto : KANIVAL TATTOO – Phoenix 2 [buy@here]
Hair: [ATOMIC] Hair_Roxxie (click for menu) – vip group gift
Bikini : !DPD [Swim][Dirt] [buy@here]
Boots : !BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather [buy@here]
Earrings :[[SHADE THRONE]]PLASTIQUE e a r r i n g s BLACKGOLD -GROUP FREEBIES [get@here]
All tattos are  from Kanival Tattoo.  He has just released 10 new tattoos for the fall collection. You can find lots of color tattoos in this collection. I really like them.  
They make my look hotter and sexier.  Not only the color tattoos are nice but also black tattos. So check them out!!

Taxi to Kanival tattoo


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