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Reader Mail: Nostril Piercing and Nose Bones

July 7th, 2009
Question: “I have had my nose done in the past and due to certain circumstances had to let it close up. But I have recently gotten repierced. I’m noticing the same thing happening to my nose piercing that happened that last time. Each time a nose bone was placed in the piercing. Now I have read on the internet that that’s a bad thing to do, but it’s kind of in my nose already. But what seems to happen is that the piercing will heal around the stem part of it, but then if say my nose jewelry were to accidentally be pulled out of my nose or I would want to change it I have to go thru extreme pain for it to come out and the same for when I put it back in. I have never had any type of infection, there are no bumps or anything. But is there something that maybe you can suggest that I do so that my nose piercing does not hurt me every time I take out my nose ring or put it back in? I’ve had the nose bone in for about a month.”

Answer: This is precisely why many of us recommend against the use of nose bones. When you remove the jewelry, the little ball on the end forces the piercing fistula (hole) open wider than it is, so it damages the tissue. Since the nostril contains mostly cartilage material, it’s not inherently stretchy like your ear lobe, which is why it hurts so much. But, as you said, yours is in there and it’s doing fine so right now you’re ok. The problem is if/when you need to remove the bone, what do you do?

My advice would be to use wire cutters to cut the end off the bone inside your nose first. Yes, that ruins the jewelry and you have to throw it away at that point, but at least you can avoid the pain and tissue damage. Then, once the bone is out, don’t put another one in. Choose a nostril screw or CBR hoop that is the right size and fit for your piercing. Then, changing out your jewelry is a breeze and you won’t have this problem anymore.


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