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Reader Mail: Microdermals

July 3rd, 2009
Question: “I’ve been looking into getting these on my hips as an alternative to a bar bell, because of the high rejection rates. I know micros can reject too but i was hoping you could tell me anything about the process and such. I know yours did reject and i was wondering how big the scars are? and is this something you would recommend?”

Answer: The hip area is “iffy” for any piercing – microdermals or not. It really depends on your body shape, your level and type of physical activity, and your clothing. Bending, rubbing, pressure, and even your own physiology play a part in how your body handles being pierced and whether or not it decides to evict the jewelry. All you can do is try, keeping in mind the things that could possibly encourage rejection and do your best to avoid those things. The good news is that the scars left behind from my microdermals are very small and they have also become lighter in color over the past few months. I still recommend micros and think they’re a great piercing option. As always, find an artist who is experienced in doing this type of piercing to reduce the risk of problems.


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