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Tattoo Removal Cream – A Great Alternative For Getting Rid of Unwanted Tattoos

July 1st, 2009

Using a Tattoo Removal Cream is a much cheaper and safer alternative for removing a tattoo as opposed to surgical procedures such as laser removal therapy. The laser therapy can cost as much as $3,500 and sometimes even more! Tattoo removal cream costs around $40-$150 a bottle, depending on the strength of the cream. Going down this route is much simpler. You can apply the cream on yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Tattoo removal cream requires no doctor visits because it is completely done on your time. You don’t have to worry about doctor office hours and wasting gas driving to the office. Another great benefit about the tattoo removal cream is that it is virtually painless. Laser removal therapy is two to three times more painful than the tattoo was when being applied to the skin. Another negative to surgical procedures such as laser removal is the scaring.

Surgical procedures leave scaring on the area. Often times, the scaring is in the exact shape that the tattoo was when inked in. The removal cream fade the tattoo over time to completely invisible.

In One Month’s Time: The tattoo will show that it has begun the process and is starting to fade
In Three Month’s Time: The tattoo will be approximately half way removed. The fading will be very noticeable.
In Six Month’s Time: The unwanted tattoo will be almost gone, if not 100% gone. On average, it takes around six months for the fading process to be complete. Sometimes there will be a small amount still visible after six months, but that is unusual.


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