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Be Careful With Name Tattoos

June 3rd, 2009

Tyrese Gibson is no stranger to the tattoo gun. The male model/actor has several tattoos of his own. He has also revealed to Life & Style Magazine that he loves it when woman have tattoos. He truly thinks they are sexy. In fact Tyrese loves it when a girl gets his name tattooed on them because it lets him know that he is serious. However, you young girls and girls out there in general should know that getting someone else’s name tattooed on you is a big no no. Not only is it the ultimate kiss of death of a relationship but what will you do once you are no longer together? An even worse thing to do is get a celebrities name tattooed on you just because you are a big fan. The best rule to follow when thinking about getting someones name tattooed on your body is DON’T.


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One Response to “Be Careful With Name Tattoos”

  1. comment number 1 by: Lynx

    Totally agree. Inking one’s name is very reckless unless there are no serious reasons (like tattooing the name of one’s gone beloved or child – which is sooo sad 🙁 ). And celebriries are usually unworthy of being honored in such an intimate way.

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