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Forum Discussion: Is Sedation an Option for Body Piercing?

May 24th, 2009
Starting post question: “Is there a way to have sedation piercing? I have horrible promblem with needles but a passion for body art (ears I can do) can any one help?” – Hite45


In addition to the fact that sedation comes with its own set of risks, it has to be performed by a licensed physician and most tattoo shops don’t have doctors working for them. And since a piercing is such a quick procedure, it would be ridiculous to knock someone out for an hour or more.

Honestly, you can’t say you have a passion for body art if you want to be sedated in order to have it. Maybe you like the adornment, but a true passion for body piercing includes an appreciation and a respect for the process it takes to procure the piercing. If you just like the adornment, maybe you can find a clip-on or magnetic version that doesn’t actually pierce your skin.


You could look at this as a great opportunity to overcome your issues with needles. You walk willingly into a studio for a piercing you want and you know that, no matter how scary that needle may look, it’s all worth it in the end. You take a few deep breaths and you face your fears. When you walk out with your new piercing, you will have a whole new respect for yourself and a reduced fear of the needle that provided you with the beautiful piercing.


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