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Maori Tattoo Designs – The Ultimate Guide

May 2nd, 2009

If we are going to trace back the history of tattooing the Maori tattoo designs have the story to tell. It is not just tattoo designs that have symbols and stories with it. There is more to that.

It is a tradition, a culture, status from the Maori people of New Zealand. It is considered as an important event for these people having this Maori Tattoo designs. Every time they do this tattooing, it is a celebration for them. It is an important event in which a person comes into adulthood. Since it is a phase of becoming an adult it reflects courage and strength.

When you become an adult, you have to be strong and courageous so you can overcome the trials and hardships of life. Maori people have a different way of tattooing, they use chisel. And if other tattoo designs are being put in any part of your body, Maori tattooing is being put on the face only. Both men and women have tattoos. But since it signifies strength and courage, mostly men have the tattoos.

Now in the modern times, Maori tattoo designs are famous for its spiral, shapes and curvilinear designs. It is where the tribal design came about. And most people prefer the tribal designs nowadays. It doesn’t have the colorful artwork but rather it has this eccentric art form and style that really attracts the eye.

If Maori people tattoo their face with these designs, in our present time it is put in any part of the body. With their original and creative designs more people are getting into this kind tattoo designs. Since knowing what this Maori tattoo design is and what really it symbolizes more people will prefer this design because of the symbol that reflects with it.


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