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Foot Tattoo – Pain, Healing & My Questionable Sanity

April 30th, 2009
Well, I finally got my first foot tattoo; A female sugar skull figure on the top of my right foot. The good news is that it is freakingly, amazingly gorgeous. The bad news is that it was, by far, the most painful tattoo I have ever gotten and it’s not finished. Read about my experience and then you can join my best friend in contemplating my mental stability, seeing as how I will be returning in a few days for more torture. Yay! 🙂

As you can see in the photo, my foot is still a bit swollen on day four when this picture was taken. On day five, it’s swollen up toward the toes but the rest of it seems to be almost back to normal. The skin is dry and the tattoo is looking a bit “wrinkled” but no sign of peeling yet. Pain is almost non-existent at this point, thank goodness!

Tattoo by Kym Tongate – Artistic Skin Designs – Indianapolis, IN


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