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Foot Tattoo – Pain, Healing & My Questionable Sanity

April 30th, 2009
Well, I finally got my first foot tattoo; A female sugar skull figure on the top of my right foot. The good news is that it is freakingly, amazingly gorgeous. The bad news is that it was, by far, the most painful tattoo I have ever gotten and it’s not finished. Read about my experience and then you can join my best friend in contemplating my mental stability, seeing as how I will be returning in a few days for more torture. Yay! 🙂

As you can see in the photo, my foot is still a bit swollen on day four when this picture was taken. On day five, it’s swollen up toward the toes but the rest of it seems to be almost back to normal. The skin is dry and the tattoo is looking a bit “wrinkled” but no sign of peeling yet. Pain is almost non-existent at this point, thank goodness!

Tattoo by Kym Tongate – Artistic Skin Designs – Indianapolis, IN


Meredith Sugarman’s Interpretation of a Russian Prison Tattoo

April 29th, 2009
As the end of National Poetry Month approaches, I find myself in an enviable position: too many poets’ tattoos, too few days. So, I’ve decided to “double up” and make today a “Two for Tattoosday”. I have also realized that this Tattooed Poets Series will have to continue, in one form or another, above and beyond National Poetry Month. Stay tuned for more details.

In the mean time, Meredith Sugarman, a poet from Brooklyn, sent in the following photo:

I know, I know, you can’t see the whole piece in that shot, but it’s pretty cool, and you can get some detail on the sparrow. Here’s a more traditional shot:

Meredith explains:

“I happen to love tattoos as a intimately personal expression of ourselves…
[This] … is an interpretation of a Russian prison tattoo that families and lovers got when they were separated by prisons and Stalin’s concentration camps. The tattoo is a traditional pair of swallows holding a three-piece banner with the Russian acronyms: tomsk (a city in Russia); vino (wine); omyt (whirlpool). The acronyms stand for: you alone have my heart; come back and stay forever; it is hard to leave me.

Alex McWatt at Three Kings Tattoo did an amazing job at putting all the elements together. I decided to get this tattoo after losing most of my family members, but mainly after my mother, who is a drug addict, disappeared from my life 5 years ago.”

Meredith also submitted a poem about her mother that she composed after seeing a prison mugshot of her a couple of years ago. That poem is posted here on BillyBlog.

Alex McWatt has had work appearing before on Tattoosday, here.


Don’t Make These Tattoo Mistakes

April 28th, 2009

When one decides on getting a tattoo there are a lot of mistakes that can be made and a lot of people do make mistakes. With that being said, it is clearly OK to make a mistake, no one is perfect after all, but when the mistake happens with a tattoo things get can get a little complicated. So if you do not want to fall victim to making one of the deadly tattoo mistakes following these steps below and you should have a pleasant tattoo experience and shouldn’t experience a tattoo mistake.


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