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Two Tattooed Tourists on a Tuesday

March 28th, 2009

Sometimes the hand of Fate guides the Tattoosday blogger as he journeys through the streets of New York. At lunch, a change in traffic signals prompted me to veer East, sending me into a bank vestibule that I rarely, if ever, frequent.

I could have ventured into a dozen branches or drug stores to do my business but this is where I ended up on a day that started frigid, but was still in the blustery high 30’s at noon.

I finished my ATM transaction and exited, not even glancing at the two people to my left, jacketed and weighed down with large backpacks.

I hit the sidewalk, peering into a side window bordering the vestibule. I did a quick about-face and headed back into the bank. Despite the coats, hats, and long pants, I could tell the two men I had been next to had significant ink.

And, once back inside, I was delighted to find them both willing to talk tattoos.

Both men were visiting tourists from England. The first one I spoke to was Jethro “Jeff” Wood, a tattoo artist who works out of The SkynYard in Southend-on-Sea (in Essex County, 40 miles East of central London). I spoke to Jeff first, while his friend Sam worked the ATM machine.

Jeff estimates that his body is 30% covered in ink. He offered up this neck piece:

I apologize for the angle, but one can see that it’s a pretty nice grim reaper tattoo. You also get a view of the small skull and crossbones behind Jeff’s left ear.

He had been hanging out with another tattooer and “got drunk and tatted my neck”. The artist was Dan Sims at Life Family Tattoo in Sevenoaks, Kent, in England.

Not to be outdone, Jeff’s friend Sam had an amazing pirate-themed neck piece, with a “Do or Die” banner, courtesy of Jeff:

The two visitors seemed to enjoy showing their tattoos and were soon rolling up pant legs to show me what Jeff’s apprentice, Charlie, had tattooed on the back of Sam’s left leg:

That is the mask of The Ultimate Warrior.

Sam also showed me some work on his right leg, also credited to Charlie, featuring a mythical creature, “The Rare Horned Dolfin,” stuffed and mounted by a taxidermist:

Granted, it’s a funny tattoo, but I believe there was an element I was missing (perhaps a key facet of an inside joke). Sam and Jeff laughed heartily while showing me the piece, along with another gag tattoo on Sam’s right calf, a D.L.T. sandwich:

In a DLT sandwich, the bacon is replaced by, you guessed it, tiny smiling dolphins!

I also get a kick out of the “I love frogs” scribbled above the D.L.T. Note the S is reversed. Sam indicated that Charlie had done some of these, but he had also inked a few himself, on an experimental basis.

Both men also have knuckle tattoos, and pictures of their knuckle ink will appear at a later date over on

Thanks again to Sam and Jeff for sharing their tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!


Tattoo Placement – Where Should I Put My Tattoo So I Don’t Look Dumb?

March 27th, 2009

Specific body parts have specific tattoos that match. The online world receives numerous searches on various websites that offer tattoo ideas, designs, and symbols. More and more people wish to have tattoos on their body as today’s fashion accepts the trendiness of inking the body.

You may be one of the millions of people who, in the back of their minds, have a small desire to tattoo their body. You may be thinking where would be the best and most significant part of your body to place it or where NOT to place it so you don’t look like a tattoo newbie. Tattoo placement is an important factor in choosing the right design for you.

Many people have been out looking and accessing numerous resources for symbols and designs that will make a great combination with their specific body parts. A good work of art is a combination of many components. When this translates to tattoo placement, a good one is a mixture of fine design, great artistry, and excellent body path.

Perhaps, when you want to communicate something through an illustration you must position it in the most apparent place possible. Keep in mind that as your body’s equilibrium is designed to maintain balance, not all of your skin is made with equal strength and durability. This means that some part of your body’s skin is intended for forming calluses to protect you, like your feet, while other parts are allocated to furrow around your joints.

Tattoo placement on your knuckles, elbows or your knees and feet is great only if you want a tattoo that easily fades, which I know you don’t.

Of course, you can get tattooed anywhere on your body because, it is yours. But say you are looking for a job and would like to explore the possibility of tattooing your skin. Keep in mind that tattoo placement in certain parts of the body may offend or turn-off prospective employers especially if you are in the military services or some other professional arena where a conservative image is everything. This may cause your tattoo to be more significant and noticeable than your prospective employer will tolerate.

Professional environments have strict guidelines against tattoos that are largely visible, so you might want to choose a place that is a little more inconspicuous. However, when you live by rocking the world through your band then, go rock your body with tattoos wherever you prefer it! But still the best tattoo placement you’ll ever decide is in the part of your body where it appears really tasteful and matches the natural curves where it is placed.

Here are some quick ideas to play with:

  • Curve a tattoo from your shoulder blade around to your shoulder muscle or collarbone (works great for tribal tats)
  • Wind a design around your ribcage from back to front to back, ending over the back of your hip (works great with stars or floral designs)
  • Or take the reverse and wind the design from front to back to front, ending over the front of our hip (very sexy for the ladies, accentuates curves!)
  • Bow a tat design around the top of your foot, pectoral muscle, lower abs, hipbones, lower back, upper back, neck (side or back), shoulder muscle, forearm, ankle; just about anywhere.

Just keep in mind how your body naturally curves. A good tattoo artist will know how to follow your lines.


slogans, a time waster for you.

March 26th, 2009

Put An Anji In Your Tank.

An Army of Anji.

How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to the Center of an Anji?

There’s Always Room For Anji.

The Best Part of Waking Up is Anji in Your Cup.

Got an Anji? You’re in Luck.


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