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Forum Discussion: Dental Hygienist Speaks Up About Oral Piercings

March 21st, 2009
littlewing_mo writes: “I am a dental hygienist, i love personally love piercings and tattoos, I try to be positive and open with my patients that have piercings that will effect the oral cavity. the truth is though, these piercings not only can cause visual problems like gum recession (which can cause alot of sensitivity) and chipping but they can also cause bone loss and infection if they are not properly cared for.

the specialist that was mentioned was probably a periodontist, when i have a patient with severe perio disease i will recommend to the dentist that the patient be sent to periodontist. the graft she mentioned is actually a very serious procedure.

i feel like there are not enough resources for my patients with oral piercings, but i am happy to say that i have noticed as oral piercings or piercings effecting the mouth have become more common that there are more education resources available for the dental community.

all i ask of patients: if you love your piercing, please take extra care of your mouth and teeth and try breaking any habits of playing with the jewelry and even try plastic jewelry ( they seem to be less damaging) although most people seem to not like the plastic jewelry can someone give me some insight on reasons why that may be?”


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