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When Safety Regulations Aren’t Safe

March 5th, 2009
There are always changes being made to local and state regulations in regards to the tattoo and body piercing industries, but are these changes always a good thing? Most professionals will agree that regulation, to a certain extent, is actually beneficial as it filters out those who refuse to follow safe practices for the health and safety of their clients. But, is it possible for those regulations to go too far? It seems that some lawmakers have crossed the line from protective to outrageous.

Since 1991, Oregon City, Illinois law stated that all tattoos had to be performed by or under the direct supervision of a licensed medical professional. They recently revisted that bill–not to make it more sensible, but to add body piercings to the ordinance. Now “all tattooing and body piercings have to be done by ‘a physician or osteopath or in the presence and direct supervision of a physician or osteopath.'” I don’t think many doctors paid that much money or spent all those years in college to become a tattoo or body piercing artist. So, basically, this law is a way to say that they’ll allow body art procedures but only under the most ludicrous of circumstances, which will pretty much ensure not many establishments will be opening up in their town.

Unfortunately, that law is already active, but the Body Art Industry is facing a similarly ridiculous bill in the state of Florida. State Senator, Eleanor Sobel, has drafted bill S1130, which would make getting a license to tattoo so difficult that it would likely force many legitimate artists underground or completely out of business.

Stevie Moon has started a petition against the passing of this bill and needs your help in spreading the word. Even if you’re not a Florida resident, these types of changes affect all of us and could spread to our own states if allowed to thrive in others. Please visit IPetitions and sign your name to the petition that states we do NOT support this bill.


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