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QOW: Accurate Chinese Characters

March 1st, 2009
Question: “May I ask if you where I could get CDs with names done with Chinese symbols, or if not could you point me in the right direction please? A friend of mine runs a Tattoo shop and keeps getting asked for name tattoos done in Chinese, as you can guess he doesn’t want to do any without having the correct symbols. Thank you for both your time and help with this matter.”

Answer: I highly recommend my friend, Jun Shan, for accurate Chinese translations.
He runs a website – – where particular names and phrases can be purchased a la carte. I don’t see a listing for an entire CD full of
images, but if your friend emails him and inquires about it, Jun may be
willing to work something out. Obviously, there will be a fee involved, but
I think it’s worth every penny to make sure your client doesn’t walk out
the door with something ridiculous on their body and end up on Hanzi Smatter!

You really have to be careful getting any tattoo that is represented in a language you don’t read, because it forces you to rely on others who may not be trustworthy. For more information on this, read Buyer Beware.


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