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Invasive Body Art and Hepatitis C by Lagena Davis

February 25th, 2009
This is an excellent guest article written by my friend and tattoo artist, Lagena Davis. Lagena and I worked together during our apprenticeships in Dallas, Texas–she went pro just a few months after I started my apprenticeship and even though she was pretty “green” at the time herself, she taught me a lot about the importance of sterilization back then and was one of the ones that inspired me to begin writing about these things. Well, this time she’s doing the writing and she’s put together an excellent piece about the very real risks of HCV and how you can protect yourself and/or your clients.


Tattoorism: A Sparrow Drops in from North of the Border

February 24th, 2009
February is the Dead of Winter, and after the 60-degree day from last Wednesday, I have seen very few blogworthy tattoos in the Big Apple.

Fear not, dear readers, warmer weather is around the corner. I can feel it. So, in the mean time, I am relying on the kindness of readers.

Behold, Jenna’s bird:

Jenna wrote: “I just stumbled across your blog one day and I’m always up for sharing my favourite tat! Here’s a picture right after it was finished… only picture I’ve got 🙁 Looks much nicer now that it’s finally healed!”.

Fresh ink isn’t always the prettiest, but we here at Tattoosday like the occasional unsolicited submission, especially when we’ve been in such significant ink withdrawal.

That was all she wrote, however, so I asked Jenna for some more info on this avian neck tattoo.

Jenna hails from Toronto, and had this inked by Phil at Adrenaline Tattoo there.

She explains the meaning behind this piece:

“…My best friend passed away from cancer in December 2007, and I was really, really torn up about it. When my friend, Corey (who was only 17) was alive, he would see a psychic and never shared any information with her. One day out of the blue last year, the psychic called Corey’s family and spoke to his sister. All the psychic said was ‘Do you have a friend named Jenna?’ and the sister said ‘Yes, she was really close to Corey as well”. After speaking for a little while, the psychic declared that Corey wanted me to know that he is always going to be there for me and if I feel anything warm on the back of my neck, that’s him guiding me in the right way… So, that’s why this beautiful bird is on the back of my neck. For Corey.”

Thanks to Jenna for sharing this emotional piece with us. We’ll update the post with a cleaner, fresher photo when she gets one for us.


Maori Tattoos – Available Online

February 23rd, 2009

Getting tattooed the authentic Maori way is a painful and long process, an initiation to adulthood. The marks are specially chosen to show the characteristics of its wearer. Courageous, honorable, first-born – you name it, the Maori tattoo symbolized it.


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