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News: Don Ed Hardy Sues Christian Audigier Over Clothing Line

February 13th, 2009
The Associated Press has reported that Don Ed Hardy has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Christian Audigier over the continued use of his name and artwork to endorse a line of products when Hardy had terminated the contract between them. According to the blog on, there’s a pretty extensive list of contract violations made by Audigier, including the use of his name to endorse an endless line of unrelated products such as perfumes, water and air fresheners. Hardy also claims that Audigier has failed to share the profits as contractually agreed upon back in 2005, and even went as far as to underreport the actual earnings from the Ed Hardy line so he wouldn’t have to pay full royalties.

So, if you’re wearing “Ed Hardy” perfume or drinking “Ed Hardy” bottled water, thinking that you’re supporting the man whose name is stamped on the over-priced item, you might actually just be perpetuating another money hungry conglomerate willing to take advantage of the “little guy” for its own selfish means. I hope Hardy gets everything he’s asking for and more.


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