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Forum: Artist Giving Client the Run-Around After Being Paid

February 9th, 2009
What would you do if you were in a situation like this?

“On the day of the tattoo the snow had delayed his arrival, which I understood so didn’t have an issue with, I stayed outside to finish my smoke to give him chance to set up. When I got in…he then spent about twenty minutes tattooing before…he stopped to go and show [a former client] some designs; ten minutes after getting restarted it happened again with another customer. Within the two and a half hours I was there, he had spent maybe an hour tops actually working so I had to book a second appointment so that he could take a lunch break…On Thursday morning I went in to get it finished, when I arrived he was talking to a guy that he had arrived with but hadn’t set up yet so again I stepped out to grab a smoke and finish the coffee I had bought on the walk in. By the time I had gotten back into the studio it was full with women from the beauty salon next door because one of them wanted a cover up doing [and] he just stood and chatted with them, casually showing the one that wanted the cover up a few designs. [Then] he opened his cupboard and [a bottle of ink] fell out, exploding over the floor, so he had to stop and clean it up, and ended up telling me I would need to book yet another appointment to get it finished which will need to be an unpaid day off for me, so I’m effectively losing money in order to get it finished.” – Unkillable_cat

If your artist gave you the run-around like this, but you had already paid for the service, what would you do? Join the discussion on the message board to add your thoughts to this topic.


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