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QOW: Tattoo Healing Slowly, Color is Dull

January 28th, 2009
Question: I got a butterfly tattoo set about two weeks ago, and now it is flaking and
scabbing-it’s also dull. I washed it, put ointment on it, and now cream (fragrance
free), as well. There is still some redness, and of course it itches like mad! What
I would like to know is, is it normal for a tattoo to take this long to heal? I hope the
dullness clears; when I first got the tattoo it was so pretty!

Answer: Everyone heals at a different rate, so I wouldn’t be too worried yet – if it
appears that it IS healing (even if slowly) and there doesn’t appear to be
any severe redness or infection, then you’re probably okay. Just give it a little more time and yes, once it is FULLY
healed, the original color and brightness should come back. Looking dull
is just part of the healing process. If you notice any dullness of color
once it’s fully healed, most artists offer a free touch-up within a
certain amount of time from the original tattoo.

On a more personal note, I would suggest that maybe you see your doctor to
see why your body is responding so slowly to heal. It could be an
indication of a bigger problem, like Type 2 diabetes. Or it could simply
mean that you’re lacking some essential vitamins that keep your immune
system healthy. Either way, this could be your body telling you that it
needs something and this is a good opportunity to have it checked out.


Introducing: The Unin(k)itiated

January 27th, 2009

What’s a tattoo blogger to do?

Or, more specifically, what’s a Northeastern tattoo blogger to do?

Sure, this is a site dedicated to tattoos, but there’s a central character here, as well, which is the city of New York. And whereas there’s a vast array of visible ink from May through September, and occasional sightings in the late Fall and early Spring, December through February are tough times for those of us in colder climates that thrive on the public spotting of a well-crafted, nay, any tattoo.

Just to illustrate my dilemma, since December 24, I have posted 21 items, only 5 of which were tattoos from people I had never met before, and all of them were initially noticed inside a building.

Anticipating this seasonal slow-down, I had been batting around some ideas on how to expand the format of Tattoosday to pique interest during the colder months. One such idea came to fruition today in a segment I will be calling “Five Questions for the Unin(k)itiated.” That is, a series of questions for people who do not have tattoos. And if you think its tough asking strangers about their ink, try asking strangers about their lack thereof.

Astonishingly, the first person I asked was happy to oblige. It was 23 degrees outside when I stopped to talk to a young woman out on Penn Plaza.

So, without further ado, here is the premiere installment of Five Questions for the Unin(k)itiated:

Name: Anna

Q: Do you have any tattoos?

A: No

Q: Why not?

A: I don’t want one.

Q: Have you ever considered getting a tattoo?

A: No

Q: Is there a specific factor that causes you to feel that way? For example, religious, cultural, etc.?

A: It’s a personal preference

[Okay, I’m going to interject something into the discussion here. Right about now, you’re probably thinking, “Gee, Bill, this is kind of boring. Are you sure this is a good idea?” Remember, folks, this was my maiden effort, and this feature may evolve. Plus, one should keep in mind, if Anna did have a tattoo, voila! Instant Tattoosday Post. Just add Curiosity. But I saved the best question for last.]

Q: If you could be a tattoo on any famous person, what would you be, on whom would you be, and why?

A: I’d be on Johnny Depp, because I like him. And I would be a palm tree on his arm, because it represents where I’m from originally, The Phillipines.

Thanks to Anna for humoring me as I questioned her in the frigid January afternoon on Penn Plaza

Do let me know in the Comments section what you think of this piece. Remember, it’s better than nothing!


Pisces Tattoos – A Permanent Reminder

January 26th, 2009

Tattoos have been commonplace for the past few decades, but previously they were seen as symbols of rebellion, instability and trouble. Today, millions get inked and the possibilities for the designs they choose are endless. From loved ones names, to a depiction of your zodiac sign, the decision is yours. Pisces tattoos are popular, depicting fish tied together and representing their inner struggles, while also depicting their gentle and intuitive natures. Taking a closer look at this sign will give a better idea as to why this design is so popular.


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