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Forum Discussion: “Apprentice” Doesn’t Mean “Servant”

January 16th, 2009
gertieflood writes: “Yesterday I quit an apprenticeship of 7 months that I had been serving under a man who is a friend of a friend of mine.

The Layout:

In the beginning, my job consisted of 9am-8/9pm five days a week. I cleaned tubes, did inventory, cleaned the shop every morning, set up and broke down tattoo and piercing stations, did price estimates, answered the phone, took appointments, distributed paperwork and greeted walk-ins. I paid for this apprenticeship old-fashioned, with my time and service. I refused work at other places because I was focused on my goal, and wanted to devote all my time and energy to it.

It started out okay, the boss was a somewhat crotchety, dominant personality but I humbled myself as I knew I should and shouldered the aforementioned tasks he gave me without question and with enthusiasm. He needed me? *snap* I was on my feet, there, asking what had to be done.
This went on for a few months, then once he realized I can talk to clients and draw what they want, I was doing ALL the art for clients. he maintained his schedule of regulars, but for all the walk ins and then a few of his regulars, I was doing designs for them. many times I pulled all-nighters drawing before busy days. I stopped drawing on my own because I was busy doing all the drawing for the shop….

After a month, the boss had me coming over to his home after hours to do chores around the house. This consisted primarily of cleaning up the yard after his eight dogs. This was every day, for six months. I did this again without question, as it had stemmed from my forgetting to have a client fill out paperwork. It was to teach me a lesson, according to him. if I didn’t have people do paperwork, we’d get sued and then I’d have a “shitty” job. haha.
for the duration of my apprenticeship, I would run personal errands for my boss, buy him lunch sometimes, and answer his personal calls on his cell-phone for him…..(visit this forum discussion to read the rest of this story!)


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