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LA Ink: The “EEE” Show – Lemmy, Family and Party!

January 9th, 2009

Lemmy from Motorhead is a funny dude. While speaking with Kat he stated that he had been a professional since the 1965 and he got into the music industry for the GIRLS! He stated that he did not have a plan or message for the rest of the youth, he just wanted the ladies. At least he’s honest. In the end, Lemmy just got the tattoos that he had existing on his arms refurbished, so to speak. Kat outlined them and filled the wording up a bit and they were as good as new. Onto little brother Michael. Kat’s brother Michael is coming to work at the shop and is going to be in charge of merch. That’s Kat talk for merchandising. Corey tatted a hummingbird on a girl and he was so excited to do it as I am about writing about it. I liked Holly which is Hannah’s daughter. Yes I said daughter. She kinda came out of nowhere. But there she was, ready to get her arm tattooed by her mother. They have a distant relationship but it seemed to work. It felt though, like it was a cold relationship, built mutual love but a lot of suppressed baggage. What am I Dr Phil? Okay on to the party. Kat genuinely loved that her bro was back and it was nice to see. Kay always seems so stressed so it was good to see Kat at ease for a moment. She was so much so at ease that she had an L.A. style pool party for Michael. The whole staff was there and people were swimming and getting there drink on. It actually reminded me of a scene out of many older movies that have been shot in L.A. It was that kind of vibe: Interesting! See ya next week!


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